Did I mention my insomnia?

I totally blame the twins. Before them I was what most people consider a night owl. Now – a mere 12 years later + another brother who opted not to sleep for more than 2 hours for nearly 2 years, I just can’t sleep. My going to sleep is an invitation for someone to have a nightmare, hack up a lung or steal the car. All have the same result, I must wake up instantly. Once I do fall asleep, everyone else is waking up and wanting stuff – like breakfast and attention. You can imagine how great this is for our marriage since I married a “morning” person. Uggghhh. . . I just don’t get the ‘joy’ of morning and he doesn’t get the ‘joy’ of late night. Poor Mike thinks I”m kidding when I say we will retire in seperate condos. I’m. Not.Kidding.

One thing I failed to mention in my first entry, this blog is attached to my website, but you most certainly never have to view my website. EVER. I’m just html/blog/internet impaired (it’s a real thing ya know – I’m “this” close to getting special parking) and I’ve figured this site out and decided to stick with it.

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