We’re Going to Need a bigger boat

Remember that line from Jaws? We went to the beach yesterday. Specifically this beautiful beach It was cold and cloudy, but we were all desperate to get out of the house. The kids don’t really care if it’s cold or cloudy – they headed right to the water. Fortunately, it was VERY cold and they stopped at the edge. The only other people on the beach were two guys fishing in the surf. One of them came over to tell us they thought they had seen a shark. He had a Canadian accent, so we kind of blew him off thinking he’d seen a little, harmless sand shark. My apologies to the Canadian. As he was walking back to his fishing pole, we saw the fins! Very dark grey, very large. First we thought maybe it’s a dolphin? But it wasn’t a cute fin and it wasn’t swimming like dolphins do. THIS was a shark. A big shark. At least 6 feet long. And it was swimming where, on a warm day, we would have all been out with our boogie boards like so much pasty white bait. We’re pretty sure that this is the type of shark we saw. Not quite as friendly as the sharks from Finding Nemo, huh? Now, I’m not stupid. I love the ocean and I know that “things” live in the ocean and that they are right in there swimming with me. But, I really prefer not seeing them. That makes them real, you know? “Our” shark finally, after about an hour, headed out for deeper waters. I am quite certain he will tell all his friends that there is no food at this particular beach and we will be quite safe all summer, right?

Posted on Monday, Apr 10, 2006, 11:15 AM (UTC -4)

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