PMS House

I’m guessing that many of you are familiar with the PBS series “XXXX” House. We’ve watched and enjoyed these too – and how many chances do you get to discuss Gay Pilgrims with your preteens, huh? But, I digress. (And yes, Yoda is my default picture.) If I were to wear a helmet-cam, you, too, could be a part of PMS house. The house where mom alternates between being very fun, very scary, very withdrawn or simply huddled up on top of the dryer. I know, you are all wishing you could be part of this too!!! Each show has the “confession” camera thing. If I had that, you could witness me saying things like “Mike has done nothing wrong. He came home early from work. But (sputtering and tears) he made that face ….” Insert your own insanity for about 2 hours. It’s so cleansing, isn’t it? I think I might get dressed and wear make up tomorrow. No promises. I don’t think I’m ready for supportive undergarments just yet, though. Can you blame me for melting down? It’s so hard having to load and unload the dishwasher. I have to hang up the shirts Mike needs to iron for work. (quick nap) And, these kids … they want to be fed, like, three times a day. Then, I have to drive my giant SUV back and forth and back and forth for all the “kid stuff.” Shouldn’t they just be happy here cloning bamboo or something? Waahhhh, I know I’m sobbing, how about you? Donations? 😉

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 19, 2006, 01:10 AM (UTC -4)

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