It’s no fun when you’re too old for the Egg Hunt!

It’s no fun when you’re too old for the Egg Hunt

I asked the older boys to clean their rooms yesterday while Andy was out having fun at the egg hunt. Some days it’s easy to pick who your favorite child is.

This is Dan & Andy’s room after a 10 minute clean up and vacuuming. Not bad for two boys squashed into a very small space.

This is Ian and Tim’s room after they told me it was picked up. I went in to mop. Oh. My. God. And Ian wonders why he can’t breathe? This room WAS clean last Sunday. Really. I pulled their bed to the side. Ew. Ew. Ew.

The other side of the bed is much worse. People get evicted from places for living like this. They show up on the news. The only thing Ian and Tim are missing here are the 20 cats and maybe some empty beer cans. Sure, other moms would march outside and drag their sons back into the house shrieking and screaming. Not me. I had the sense to document their piggish-ness first. They really are going to have to live here forever. Now I know why they’ve been keeping their door shut all the time. I thought Ian was just practicing magic. And, to be pefectly honest, I know they are slobs and I just avoided looking into their room.

Pictures taken – I marched outside shrieking and screaming and dragged Ian and Tim back into the house. We spent some quality time heaving trash out of their room, discussing what the word eviction means and sneezing our heads off. Four hours later, they were able to mop the floor. Any bets on how long is is going to last?Posted on Sunday, Apr 1, 2007, 07:53 PM (UTC -4)

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