Just thinking here . . .

Just thinking here
You know how sometimes you just sit around and think “What would be the most mortifying thing your kids could do to you?” That’s what I’m doing right now. This most certainly did NOT happen.
Imagine my friend Claire asks me to sit for her 2 year old for a couple of hours this morning. (Do you even know how long it’s been since I changed a diaper?) If this really happened, I would have been thrilled to spend the morning playing with blocks, watching fish, eating Cheezits and speaking 2-year-old-speak. I probably would not pay close attention to what my older children were up to. So, you can picture all of this, right? My imaginary day.
Keep imagining that my friend Claire (who’s oldest child is 7) returns to pick up her two-year-old. I’m so pleased that he has not hurt himself in my toddler death-trap of a house, that I scarcely notice the new screen saver on the computer . . . until I see Claire’s face. What, you ask, could I imagine that would be so mortifying? Scroll down if you’d like to see. If you have reading children, come back when they’re not around.

I think if this had really happened, I would be mortally embarrassed.Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 01:33 PM (UTC -4)

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