And another Happy Mother’s Day

And another Happy Mother’s Day . . .

I woke up this morning, ok, it was officially the afternoon (I LOVE to sleep in – no breakfast in bed for me, just keep my door shut and be quiet!) . . . to some funky cards from the boys, fan pulls that I admired about a month ago that Ian remembered (isn’t that cool?), and beautiful flowers from Mike. And then we all did a glorious NOTHING. I love floppy, lazy days. Around 3 we started pulling ourselves together and went to Bing’s house for her famous pizza. Mmmm…

The boys left us alone and I actually got to spend about 90 minutes ALONE talking to my mom. This has not happened . . . ever. I’m not too sure what the rest of them were doing, but it’s all good – no ER visits, no Channel 6 van in the driveway. What more can a mom ask for?But, the BEST mother’s day gift? I’m going a to Seattle-ish place this week. I can hardly stand it. Me, all alone, going to meet up with four other “imaginary” women I met when I was pregnant with Andy. We’ve gotten together a few times, but it’s been several years since we all last met. I cannot believe it is finally coming together. I bought the tickets several weeks ago (and was immediately punished by our plumbing dying and the fridge going as well – there are consequences for our actions, folks). But, now it looks like I will finally be on a plane this Thursday.

The picture is where I’ll be – how cool is that? And, the best part? No fires, no pollen!!! I’m so looking forward to waking up to clear eyes and no hacking cough! AND, cold weather! (Well, relatively cold.) Yet, here’s the problem. Everytime I leave – not very often in the past fifteen years (three to be exact) – something bad happens at home. The first time I left, Mike fell out of the treehouse. He managed to do this before my plane had even landed. He was barely mobile the whole time I was gone. The second time I left, I was greeted at baggage claim by Andy (then 3) who proudly presented me with a tiny, tooth-shaped container which held his front teeth! Gaahhh. He’s 7 now and his big front teeth are just now breaking through. The third time, I think, was uneventful. Which worries me. (remember, 3 is a magic number?) I’m worried about what’s going to happen while I’m gone this time. Would it be wrong to use a food-sealer thingie on my family and stuff them all in the freezer for my trip? (Kate, can I borrow your food sealer thingie for an afternoon?) I can just thaw them out in time to watch 24 on Monday night?Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007, 12:43 AM (UTC -4)

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