First, the ridiculous . . .

First the ridiculous . . .
OK – I’m not quite to the point shown in the picture, but if I continue at the rate I’m going, it’s only a matter of time. (Rest assured, I will NEVER wear a bikini.) We went to the beach today. Ahhhh . . . it’s hot here, but still not that intolerable hot. The breeze is nice, the water is cool. All is good. Mike was even able to come with us. Most excellent for me as I was in the midst of a wonderful book. I made sure everyone was sunscreened. I was even careful to have Mike get my back covered in 50SPF. But, the legs … dang that rub on tan. They don’t have that pasty-white-start-of-summmer look and I neglected to sunscreen the back of my legs. I laid there in the hot sun with the the awesome book, an oh-so-cool breeze, a slight spray of saltwater and a fresh bag of salt & pepper potato chips for about 150 pages. I’m paying for it tonight. If we had a bedpan, I’d fill it with ice and sit in it. My behind has mysteriously disappeared over the past couple of years (don’t tell anyone but it’s moved to my stomach – I’m planning to sneak up on it later this year and scare it back into place). So, when I lay on my stomach, my suit kind of slides up. Fine!!! I’ll confess! My butt (not the whole thing, just the part I sit on) is sunburnt and I have no one to blame but Coppertone and their stupid Endless Summer instant tan stuff. This is SO not my own fault. I had sunglasses and a hat for heaven’s sake. Where are the lawyers? I think I have a case. It’s like I drove through McD’s and they managed to dump hot coffee on my backside. I think I could win. Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2007, 11:26 PM (UTC -4)

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