PMS Day 804

PMS Day 804

Don’t you dare read this with “that” look on your face! Yes! I can see you. Stop it right now. Fine, you’re in trouble now. In fact, you’re grounded – at my house – with MY evil children. I’ll be napping in the back. When I wake up and feel human and refreshed, your punishment will be over. Ahhhhh, funny how your face snapped back to that “not-that-look-on-your-face” isn’t it? Too late. I saw you. Seriously, folks, it’s bad. It’s really bad. I WANT to be civil with my children, my husband, you all and those pesky strangers we keep running into all the time. But, deep down in my heart-of-hearts, I don’t care if I hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m a monster, make that a Monster, with a capital “M.” Where’s the super-hero who can stop Momzilla? Send him/her my way. I deserve to be crushed. I actually found myself outside this evening staring at the moon (as opposed to shrieking “They’re Sloppy Joes – they’re supposed to leak.” Gawd, like we’ve never had Sloppy Joes. Go eat in the friggin’ bathtub if you’re that concerned.'”) Really, I’m so delightful to be around right now. You could invent time travel and I’d find fault with it. Additionally, I would take some measure of glee in doing so. I’m not sure what I thought the moon would tell me, but at least I didn’t shriek. The moon only had one eye, so our staring contest wasn’t really fair (yes, I DID win). Maybe when the moon has both eyes we can have a rational discussion?I think all we can do now is wait it out. It can’t last forever, right? Or can it? Have I just turned into a total bitch? That’s a big responsibility! I don’t think I”m ready for total bitch yet. Or ….. am I?????? All of you who are grounded should report to my house by 10:15 EST tomorrow morning. Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 02:08 AM (UTC -4)

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