It’s getting better all the time . . .

It’s getting better all the time . . .
Actually, I typed the title above but I have the song “I’ll Stand By You” with Crissy Hines singing in my head. Go figure. But things are looking up. It’s amazing how when you have a whole regimen set up how much a stomach virus can mess with your life. I’m back to my normal routine and I am hoping that these past several weeks will fade into oblivioun. (FWIW, one multi-vitamin with iron, an iron tablet, 3 calciums, 1 St. John’s Wort every day – spaced out so that my stomach can handle it. This works like a charm for me. If you’ve not been diagnosed with anemia before, don’t try this.)
I DO know, and have been avoiding it, that I’m a MUCH nicer person if I’m spending time outside. There’s something inside of me that loves to be curled up by the tv with a blanket and a cushy pillow. The GOOD part of me is much happier and much more productive when I actually leave the house. I haven’t been outside on a regular enough basis since we all had the flu or whatever it was.
Today we went to Rock Springs. Ahhhh … the boys swam to their hearts’ content, I people watched and read to MY heart’s content. It doesn’t get much better. I DID take tons of pictures but they have vanished into the nether regions of my computer. Even if I could find them, I’m not sure I’d want them, ya know? The funniest moment of our day was when Andy saw a sign as we were leaving. I didn’t see the sign. All I heard was Andy stomping and sort-of-shouting “I’ll pee anytime I want. Thank you very much.” The older boys and I turned around not really in shock, because we’re not easily shocked, but more to see what the heck had Andy so worked up. Here it is: (lolol – and yes, we soooo homeskool with a “k.)Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2007, 03:09 AM (UTC -4)

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