I was so smart as a young mom!

I was so smart as a young mom!

When the older boys were wee, they were up everyday no later than 6:15 (no matter what time we put them to bed). I think you all know me well enough that I’d sooner gnaw off my own leg than get up that early. But, I did. Every single day. For years and years. It’s a little fuzzy in my head, but I’m thinking I fed them and read to them and played with them. And my single goal was to wear the creatures out for nap time. I’d feed them and we’d head outside, no matter how hot or sticky or whatever. We were OUTSIDE. Every night, I’d pack a cooler of little snacks, water and caffeine for myself. I’d also pack a diaper bag with diapers (duh), changes of clothes (2 for everyone), blankies and a squirt gun (I used that to keep them awake if we had to drive home for lunch and nap – no messing with mom’s nap! Yes, I would squirt them if they started dozing in their comfy car seats.) Since Andy has gotten older, this has fallen by the wayside. They all get their own breakfasts and they’re not stoopid boys, they let me sleep in. BUT … I think I am the one that needs outside-time.

We went to the beach today. Gah – I’m a new person. Now that the worst of allergy season is over, I am finding that I RILLY need to be outside. I love outside. I’d love it more if I hadn’t lost one of my contact lenses, but I still love it. Danny had to cut some lawns this morning, so we left late. We were all starving when we arrived. But, this picture is the point on our trek to the beach where I always hear angels singing. Isn’t it just beautiful???? What’s even better is the boys are now old enough to haul all our stuff to the beach. After years of balancing everything on a stroller and dragging to the beach, it’s all paying off. As you can see, the beach was packed. I cannot even explain how much nicer and how different the Canaveral Seashore beaches are compared to most Central Florida beaches.

Yes, you do have to pay to get in – $2 per person. And, you can’t drive on the beach, but LOOK at it!!!! For us, we just get the $35 yearly pass and we’re good at 2 visits. Look at this beach! It’s the end of June, in Florida. There was one other car here with us. This is “peak” season! Unbelievable. We stopped at the first parking lot. They have a lifeguard at this beach and I thought this was prudent given that without my glasses I can’t see past my wrist. We had a personal, albeit VERY bored, lifeguard. The older boys prefer beach #5, I think that’s the surfer’s beach. Oh well, I chose the lifeguard and my book today. They don’t seem too traumatized – in fact, Danny caught a couple of really great waves on his surf board this afternoon. (Just don’t tell him I was looking! He says I’m a jinx.) To the left would be Danny’s clone, Andy. Aren’t they funny together? They are so much more like twins in so many ways than my actual twins, Ian and Tim.Despite the crowds and the noise, we had a most excellent day today! I love feeling like myself again. Apparently, Andy loves it too! Here he is singing me an aria praising my excellent mothering skills. Yes, now that you ask, he IS an alto. Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2007, 01:53 AM (UTC -4)

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