Ways in which I have failed my children . . .

Friday, July 6, 2007
Oh. man. I have failed my children. Big time. We were sitting here talking about Danny’s upcoming trip to Boston to visit Aunt Judy. He’s going as an early birthday present. Danny was flipping through some books about Boston that we picked up at the library the other day. Suddenly, he looked up and asked “Do you think Boston has any buildings with a revolving door? I’ve never been in one. That’s what I want to do in Boston.” He was absolutely sincere.I’ve renamed his trip “JimBob Goes to the Big City.” How in the world have I never taken my kids anywhere with a revolving door? I KNOW this is not possible. And, here I had myself convinced he’d be OK to fly alone. The kid has never been in a revolving door. What have I done?Judy, you can cancel the Red Sox tickets – just take Danny to your bank and let him play in the door. (Please make him wear shoes, though.) (And take lots of pictures!)

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