A most excellent day at the beach . . .

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mike was actually off today. The kids had nothing on their schedules and I’m always happy to blow off the laundry, so we went to the beach. On our way out, we stopped at our usual convenience store to pick up ice and “bug” juice for Andy. I love that I have one child who hasn’t outgrown “bug juice” completely. An adorable young Asian man stopped Mike on our way into the store. (A little background, Mike is NOT big with languages. It was a struggle for him to get his BA because he simply does not get Spanish. He ended up taking “Shona,” an African language in order to get his diploma. It’s the language equivalent of “Rocks for Jocks.” To this day, Mike can ask anyone that speaks Shona if their goat is for sale.)

The young man, who had an equally adorable wife in the car (we were parked next to each other), asked Mike if he knew where the “Free Market” was. Mike told him he had no clue. I was marching into the store with the boys and happened to glance back. I asked Mike what the cute couple was trying to find. He told me. I didn’t know either. I started to walk back into the store and I had A Christmas Story moment. FLEA MARKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn’t want the Free Market, they wanted the Flea Market. Fa ra ra ra ra Ra ra ra La! And, if you are a fan of A Christmas Story, you might be interested to know that you can visit the actual house in Cleveland and if you visit the actual Christmas Story house, you can get a coupon for a discount at C&Y Chinese Restaurant, the official “A Christmas Story” restaurant. (Do you see, people? I google myself to death to find pictures and when I don’t find pictures, I find you discounts?????)So, we sent the adorable couple on their way to the flea market (God, help us. I hope they didn’t leave drunk and tattooed and pierced.) And, we went on our merry way to the beach.

We left at 12:30 (avoiding the worst of the FL sun, but risking the worst of FL thunderstorms). It rained as we drove to the beach and amazingly cleared up as we pulled into our parking space! (I really hope that young couple is ok. They were so cute and clean and non-trashy.) We all jumped into the ocean to cool off and test the waters. I retreated a box of Wheat Thins and my Diet Coke while I read. Mike and the boys did whatever it is boys do. There was much shrieking and “Mom, look at this!” I gave “the boys” my royal wave every now and then and devoured Stephen King’s book Cell. It was totally worth the $1.00 I spent at the thrift store. I do love me a Stephen King book in the middle of summer with some snacks and another adult (namely, Mike) taking care of the boys. I never even had to look up.At one point, the “boys” descended, hungry and thirsty upon me (not really me, I was just sitting by the cooler).

Imagine my delight and surprise when the couple next to us started shrieking and shouting! They had caught a 3-foot-long sand shark! (Of course, I had no camera with us.) The boys all got to touch the shark and check him out before the couple tossed him back into the ocean. VERY COOL. So, great day for me. Great day for the shark, who is probably sitting at his shark dinner table telling his side of the story. Great day for Mike and the boys, who have all been asleep for a few hours now. Ahhhhh, the beach is a wonderful thing!

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