Monday, July 16, 2007
I’m a fan of boredom for my kids … sure they get snarky and bored during the summer, but surprisingly, even when I offer to pay them, the charm of household labor bores them. And, then when I can’t stand to see them slopped in front of the TV for even another five minutes, they find “things” to do. Lots of things. And few involve me. And, suddenly, they are NOT bored, they are busy. Too busy to eat. Too busy to sleep. They are doing SOMETHING. Sure, it generally does not make sense to me, but I don’t care, they’re thinking and happy and working as a team. Boredom is fascinating to me. For years and years and years, I was bored, but I was ACTIVELY bored. Diapers, naps, feeding people, bedtime, bathtime, story time over and over and over and over and over … I was busy, but, there is not a nice way to say it, I was brain dead. Not in a bad way – it’s what you do when you have multiple little kids, but brain dead I was. Now, I finally have the time to sit and read and write and read and write. I have kids who do their own laundry, use the bathroom independently, and even make their own (and sometimes my) meals. Sometimes I blog, sometimes I just write my own stuff and sometimes I take a nap. Just. like. that. So, back to the boredom. Bored kids I can live with. When I get bored, we have a problem. When I get bored it’s not because I want to go to a theme park or see a movie or eat out or hang out at the mall. When I’m bored, it’s much more than an outing. I’m 42 years old and you’d think I’d have picked up on a pattern by now. But, I’m slow with patterns – give me a word problem, I’m your gal. Give me a pattern, I’ll get back to you in a year or so . . . In years past, when I get bored, it’s a signal that our life is about to get very busy and out of control. And, in years past, I’ve always started a major project as soon as I get bored. The two do not go well together.I woke up bored (terminally bored, not marginally bored or life-bored ) this morning. I’m trying to maintain control and ride it out. Let’s see what makes us busy this time. It’s not easy. The darker side of my personality wants to rearrange all the furniture and change how we use each room in our house. The darker side of my personality wants to go with all new colors in the house. The darker side of my personality wants to blow off all of these options and abandon my family so I can write a full-blown novel. Gahhhh … someone come squash my dark side.We’ve put off our field trip to the Kwik-E-Mart until Tuesday. Tomorrow is all about preparing for school – there are copies to be made, supplies to be bought and happy student faces to be shined to a glow. (Not to mention that we have quite a bit of outstanding money that should be in tomorrow’s mail and that needs to go to the bank. I’m creative, but not homeless creative.) Stay-tuned for Kwik-E-Mart updates.So, what do you all do when you’re bored to the bone? Napping doesn’t count.

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