Woo-Hoo What a Day!

Thursday, July 19, 2007
We were supposed to go to Kwik-E-Mart yesterday. And then my stupid car started acting up. We had the girl-who-is-a-friend here and no way was I going to drive THAT far on a prayer that my car might start up again after I’d parked it. Today was just us. I have no problem making my own kids endure car hardships. As it turned out, we didn’t have to worry about it. (But, you know had I tried yesterday, I would have been so screwed.) We did get stuck in LOTS of awful traffic. There was a terrible wreck on 17-92 that had us sitting next to “Circus Circus” for nearly 15 minutes.
Sitting next to Circus Circus led the boys into a discussion of my “melon” blog post yesterday (just when you think they’ve lost interest in reading about their mother’s insanity….) Ian’s joke: What do you call a sad stripper? Melon-collie. Trust me it was all downhill from there. @@ Remind me again why I had all these nasty boys?We endured and finally, 90 minutes later, made it to Kwik E Mart.
I don’t know what I expected, but I expected more. The location was right on one of the biggest tourist avenues. So there were tons of sunburnt people who didn’t speak English in line. They didn’t seem to be impressed by Apu behind the counter or the giant display of pink-icing-ed donuts. AND!!!!! When we finally arrived, Tim announced there were no batteries in his camera! (Have I mentioned that I dropped – kill me now – my own camera and the hinge thing that keeps the batteries IN my camera is broken??????) So, it’s all good, right? We’re at a Kwik-E-Mart, surely they will have AA batteries. Nope.
We march out and across the street to a “real” Kwik-E-Mart and buy some tourist-priced batteries. And we head back to Kwik-E-Mart. Danny suggested that it was kind of insane and stupid to be taking pictures at a convenience store. I promptly hit him on the head with my Earth Shoe. Blasphemy. We had driven all this way, we were going to have fundammit! Each of the boys got a squishee and a pink donut. We picked up a box of Krusty O’s for Mike and a can of Buzz soda for my brother. And we had fun. Really. And then we spent 90 minutes driving home through rush hour. I hope this is one of those things the kids remember (in a good way). Sing it with me . . . “The Simpsooooonnnnnsss.”

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