The Curse of Harry potter

Friday, July 20, 2007

Remember when we were going to see the new Harry Potter movie at midnight when it came out? When, suddenly, Andy got sick? Well, excitement has been pretty high here all week in anticipation of the seventh book. We’ve pre-ordered our copies and had big plans to get our book at midnight tonight. So, of course, just around midnight last night, Tim wandered out with his big raccoon eyes and a 102 fever. He looked like a zombie. It just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for us, does it?

I have no idea what this crazy virus is – it comes with a high fever, grey skin and a really bad headache. Usually no fever in the morning and by mid-afternoon, it’s all back. Seems to run its course in 3-4 days. Bets on who gets it next? At least Mike is off tonight. He and my mom can take the other boys and I’ll still be able to read tonight. And, what, you ask has gone wrong in the universe that I’m sitting here fully-dressed and typing at 8:30 in the morning? I could NOT sleep last night. At all. There really should be something (non-narcotic) you can take that shuts your brain off completely. There is nothing worse than laying there at 3 am contemplating how much you despise your husband for his ability to just sleep.

And, at around 4 am it seems reasonable to wake him up to discuss your theories on insomnia and snoring and possibly adding on a wing to the house. He wasn’t interested. Around 5 am, you realize that if you actually DO fall asleep you may never get up. So you turn on the radio listen to the morning news. Who knew so many people are up and working at 5 am? And, they’re all perky. At 6 am, raccoon boy is ready for another does of Advil and you’re ready for some caffeine. Advil, check. Caffeine, pause, panic, nope. There is not a Diet Coke in the house. This is BAD. There is no iced tea. This is REALLY BAD. So, there I was awake and brewing tea and doing laundry at 6 am waiting for the dentist’s office to open so I could cancel Ian and Tim’s appointments. And, now, I’m awake and caffeinated and not sure what it is you’re supposed to do in the morning? It’s all very confusing.

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