Merlin’s Beard II

Saturday, July 21, 2007
The store did a good job of keeping people spread out, even though it was completely packed. I’m pretty sure there is a fire marshal in that town who is wondering what to do with all his extra cash. The costumes ranged from gorgeous to slightly bizarre. Overall, though, people were in good moods and all of the kids were surprisingly well-behaved. It was encouraging to see groups of kids all over the store flopped on the floor reading random books and patiently waiting for midnight.
There were Harry Potter activities set up throughout the store. I don’t know if they were run by store employees or volunteers, but the people running them were wonderful! Andy had a great time wandering around winning galleons, which he could redeem for Bertie Bott’s jelly beans at the Hogsmeade station. The older boys took off on their own. Dan and Tim spent a lot of time at the trivia section. Ian wandered around the store doing magic for people. Eventually, he ran into another kid magician and traded some tricks.
Look! Cedric Diggory was there. Unfortunately, this one was not nearly as hot as the one in the movie. Mom and I were a tad disappointed. But, from the back, eh, not bad. Of course, there’s the whole issue of Cedric being dead and everything. Does that make me and my mom ghouls?
The Herbology table was fun – they had all kinds of neat stuff set up and a fun quiz for the kids to do. I especially loved this petrified garden gnome. This is the woman who was running the Herbology section. She was awesome, an excellent cross of a wizard with a hint of Gerry Garcia. Bing, Mike, Andy and I ended up hanging out here for quite a while.
These two guys were definitely odd, but I thought their idea of the picture frames was really clever.
Isn’t Rita Skeeter’s costume great? I ran into her later in the ladies room. She showed me how she had made the cape from an old bridesmaid dress and “a hideous” prom dress. It was really beautiful up close – but it seemed weird to ask someone if I could take their picture in the bathroom, so you’ll just have to trust me.I didn’t realize I had so many pictures. I’ll finish up with yet another entry.

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