Merlin’s Beard – The Conclusion

Saturday, July 21, 2007

As it came up to 11:30, the crowd really swelled and everyone was getting a little antsy. We headed over to the kids’ section and took a Dumb Bunny break. Andy loved these books when he was really little and I had forgotten how funny they are. In the picture, Andy is explaining the subtle humor to Mike while Bing is completely absorbed in her own story. I see a winner for her next Book Club discussion.

We rounded the kids up as it approached midnight. The store was completely packed at this point. Everyone who had pre-ordered books was given a wristband. (I am SO glad I went earlier in the day and picked up our wristband). There were 6-7 colors, each color category held 150 people! We were in the silver group, which was second. After taking this picture, I headed to the back of the store in search of the silver line. I was lucky, I had nice people surrounding me in line. With all of those people waiting, I only saw one incident of someone being ugly. I’m not sure what the deal was with this woman, clearly she had to have seen “some” of the publicity surrounding this book and heard about the numbers of pre-ordered books. Did she really think she was just going to march out at the stroke of midnight with her copy?

I was impressed with how nice the store employees were to her – she didn’t deserve it. (This is why I could never work in retail – I would have demoted that woman to the very last group of wristbands.)The three women right in front of me were really funny. And, you could tell right away we were all moms as there was all kinds of compulsive book straightening going on while we were standing there. It took just over an hour for me to get to the front of the line. The store was still jam-packed and I cannot even imagine how late it was when some of those people finally got their books.

We were home by 1:30. Poor Bing still had to drive home AND be up in the morning for an art class. Ugh! We all read the first chapter aloud. Since I had only pre-ordered 2 books, I told this boys we’d do it this way and I’d get another copy in the morning. Ummm yeah, that’s like saying, “Sorry, guys, we’ll have Christmas next week sometime.” Tim did go right to bed. Dan and I ended up reading until nearly 6 am. Ian was up shortly after 6 and has been reading ever since. Tim and I went and picked up a third copy this morning. And, now my house is silent – they are flopped everywhere, totally absorbed. It’s killing me to wait my turn – but to go out and buy yet another copy seems excessive. We’ll see if I can hold out . . .

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