Not with a bang, but a whimper. . .

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I’ve been lazy about blogging. Sorry. So much to tell you. First and foremost, you can all applaud politely now that I’ve finished Qwizard 6!! Most people seem to hate these puzzles, but I really get a kick out of them – even the levels that make no sense. I refuse to say how much junk my kids ate and how little laundry I did while I was in the midst of doing the puzzle. Suffice it to say, the boys were delighted with dinner tonight – funny how stuff someone else makes tastes better, isn’t it?I have some pictures to take – that will be another post.

For now, I’ll share my most recent (insert sappy music) Pathetic Middle-Aged Moment. After the boys had their dinner of “reconfigured” leftovers, we realized there was nothing for dessert. I’m not really a dessert person – pass the olives – but I get the dessert thing. And there really is NOTHING sweet in the house at the moment. So, Andy and I made an ice cream run to Walgreens (Edy’s 2 for 1, don’t you know). Today was an overall lazy, hang out kind of day here. I spent my day in yoga pants and a t shirt. But . . . I have standards. When I discovered the beauty (and elasticity) of yoga pants, I vowed never to leave my house in them. I knew if I did, I’d never go back to real clothes. (Same with my soaping overalls – they never go further than across the street.) Rules in mind, before Andy and I left, I ran into my room and put on a decent t-shirt, one of my decrepit bras and a decent pair of shorts.

Andy and I selected our ice cream and headed to the counter to pay. As we were standing in line, my bra started to feel a little weird. Oh well, I thought, it’s a 10 minute excursion and the bra will be slung over the back of my computer chair before we know it. I thought wrong. We get to the head of the line and I smile at the absolutely gorgeous cashier (who is maybe 12) and assure her our shopping experience was delightful. Just. As. My. Bra. Strap. Exploded. No, I know you all got worked up with visions of exploding boobs and the cashier screaming and stuff.

Sadly, the explosion was little more than a deadly, downward drop. :::::poof::::: But … the old bra itself kind of took on its own life and IT shot upward. I cannot imagine what the girl behind the counter was thinking. All I could think was this girl might have thought I had some giant mouth-like contraption hiding out under my t-shirt. The underwires were the upper jaw and the National Geographic girls were the lower jaw. And, then, the big decision – how to walk out of the store? Do I slide the bra out from under my t-shirt or do I march out with my Jaws-edition upper half? I opted to carry the two containers of ice cream close to me. If nothing else, it perked up the National Geographic girls.

I guess I know what I’m going to get with my birthday Kohl’s gift card. The girls and I thank you, mom. (And, I’m sure when the poor cashier figures out what the hell was going on with her customer, she’ll thank you too.) Andy? Bless him. He is such a boy. He totally missed it all. All I can do is be thankful my cell phone didn’t ring in the middle of all of this. Can you even imagine?

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