Monday, July 30, 2007

That’s my brain. Sometimes we just think evil things. (And by “we” I mean me and my brain.) Normal people might have these impulses every now and then, but I seem to have them quite often. And, it’s really sad when it happens and we find ourselves sitting here all alone laughing at our evil thoughts.
We’ve decided to share our evil thought of the day with you so we can stop giggling (and then hanging our head in shame) and get something done this afternoon. (I am hoping to feed the kids dinner two nights in a row.)
I belong to a mom’s message board. We’ve all known each other for quite a few years. It’s just a place to blab about our kids and what’s for dinner and discuss bad television. The morning, I opened the board to catch up and ran across one woman’s message. She lives up north in a rural area. She was really shaken up because she’d hit a fawn that morning. Now this is a scary, sad thing. I know if it happened to me I would be freaked out.
But, somewhere in the back of my brain, I thought “Bambi” and immediately started rhyming Bumper/Thumper. And I started giggling. Nothing funny about this woman’s story, but there I was cackling. And, really, there’s nothing funny about the movie Bambi. And, it probably wouldn’t be funny to hit Thumper with your bumper, no matter how much he might annoy you.
Sure, I get the humor as a way of deflecting scary or bad things – tell me you’ve never fought the urge to laugh during a funeral? Tell me you’ve never giggled in the ICU while your unconscious husband fought for his life when you imagined his reaction to his totally gorgeous male nurse giving him a sponge bath? I could go on forever with these . . .But, everyday? I’m getting a little concerned. (Ian just walked by and read this over my shoulder. He suggested I iron my hands, a la Dobby-the-House Elf.)

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