I love getting packages!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today, I received two wonderful packages. I was expecting them, but WOW! My friend, LB recently offered to sell me science stuff for Andy in exchange for soap and some cash. I LOVE that deal. So that arrived this afternoon. I love it (Real Science 4 Kids) and Andy and I are going to have so much fun this year. How can you NOT have fun when a REAL slinky is involved? I am hoping to pore through it all tomorrow morning. Nothing like the smell of new books.AND, LB also sent me a “birthday” box.

She’d been telling me about it, but I didn’t know what to expect, aside from an art challenge. Well, Holy Cow!!!!!!!!! She sent me an entire art store in a box. I haven’t gone through everything properly yet, but I’m so excited. Here are some pictures.First we have this beautiful baby’s quilt. LB pieced the inside. I get to add the border and quilt it (my favorite part!). But, don’t you just love her sense of color? And the fabric is so perfect. I’m not really a fan of clowns (they’re scary) but the clown on this print is adorable.

Here is my first set of “art challenge” material. She sent me three boxes with a choice of one to decorate. here you see silk in various forms – see that big white cocoon? Handmade paper and a cool blue Shaker type box. Oh, and the cool fabric. What am I supposed to do with all of this? I love it – it all feels so nice. For the record, I’m not that touchy feely with people, but I love to touch STUFF. Ask anyone who’s ever gone shopping with me.Ooooooo look! Paper. Lots of paper. This picture does not do all this paper justice. It’s beautiful and so varied. Some is handmade, some is ‘crafty,’ some is just totally cool. I cannot wait to sit down and go through all of it thoroughly. If I’m going to make anything interesting, if this box does not inspire me, nothing well. I think I should probably light some candles as well. This is not a good picture, but here are the two other boxes and tons of cool threads and other magical things.

Seriously, I”m in textile overload. When I first opened everything, my brain just froze. But, the colors and the textures are amazing. I think I need a beret to let the world know I AM an artist. Or something like that. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re going to hear much more about this stuff in the very near future. If you were to make a box to send to someone, what would you do? Ahhhhh, the possibilities.

And, at the bottom of my “birthday box” I found my salvation. These magazines, which are totally new to me, are AMAZING. I’m so ready to leave my family and go live in a loft where I can spread all my stuff out and really get creative. I just need a sponsor. Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? Thanks, LB. You’ve given me months and months of fun!!!! Who knows, you might actually see your quilt again someday – maybe for one of your grandkids? šŸ˜‰

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