What chapter am I on again?

Woman lost in thoughts in officeWelcome to my new blog. It’s time to put away my foil hat, I think. No one can argue that my kids are still cute. Once a kid passes 6′ tall or shaves on a regular basis or gets engaged to be married,”cute” is gone.

Most of the stuff I would love to tell everyone about, I can’t anymore. Sadly, I taught the kids to read and they do check my blog every now and then. It’s time to let them have a life and time for me to get my own. (I will be keeping myfoilhat open because  Andy is still doing fun stuff and we still do some fun family stuff and it’s the only foolproof way I have of knowing how old I am.)

So, chapters . . .  Let’s see:

  • Chapter I
    • I Was a Kid
  • Chapter II
    • I Was a Stoopid Teen
  • Chapter III
    • I Went to College and Met a Rugby Player
  • Chapter IV
    • I Married the Rugby Player and Had Some Kids
  • Chapter V
    • I Homeschooled Some Kids
  • Chapter VI
    • I Am Homeschooling Last Kid and Started Writing for $$$ (okay, just $)

Hah! I’m on Chapter VII. Interesting, huh? Isn’t that a bankruptcy chapter?

This is the chapter where (while I continue to wrinkle and homeschool #4 son) I discover that I hate writing for the content mills. Seriously? You want me to write 500 quality, coherent words for $1.00? You want 65 unique articles on pregnancy every month for six months for $250? Try the Dollar Tree.

I had fun learning the ins-and-outs of online writing and climbing the steep learning curve of SEO and being demoted for using Oxford commas!!!! I love my 2014 copy of the AP handbook – sitting right next to my 1985 copy.

Boy, have things changed since I was in school for journalism. These days, I am considered a grammar guru but I struggle with internet style. I have a hard time grasping that most online readers struggle to read at an 8th grade level and lose interest after 300 words. When I was in school we were urged to keep it at an eighth grade level. I think 8th grade has changed since then.

But, I digress. I am no longer willing to write for 1/2 pennies (aka ha’pence)  Still, I have discovered that I love writing about all kinds of things on a regular basis. I also like money. It’s been a long time since I earned money for doing anything. But . . . the ha’pence thing? Not really working for me now that I have figured the nuts and bolts out. Even the saddest little word, placed properly, deserves more than a penny.

I stopped writing for most of the ha’penny sites. (I’m holding out for fiverr because at least you get a chance to charge more and build up repeat business and I had a great summer through that site.They have changed things recently. I’m giving them a month. Makes me sad, I really loved my regular customers.)

Now I am going to try and become a real grown-up writer.

To that end, I am going to use this site as my personal and professional blog. One thing I have learned through all of the chapters of my life is that people either like me or they don’t – there is not much middle ground. The same seems to hold true with my writing. Given that fact, I’m not going to mess with two blogs. Like me or lump me – you get it all.

If you want a conversational, fun article or blog post, I’m your writer. If you want whitehat, SEO-optimized content, I’ll give it a try, but I’m no expert. If you want the nefarious blackhat SEO content, I’ll help you look for a writer (for a fee) but I have no clue about backlinks or getting “slapped” by Google and I would prefer to keep it that way.

And, really!!! Paying people to review your e-book – that I might well have written for you to put your name on as the author (hanging my ghost-writing head in shame)? It’s like cheating while playing a board game with little kids. Skeevy.

I have no idea yet how this blog will evolve. I do know that I am done with regular postings about family life, funny kid stuff and all the things that made My Foil Hat so fun to keep.  This is my next step. I hope you’ll stick with me while I figure it out.

9 thoughts on “What chapter am I on again?

  1. A new chapter in one of my favorite stories! (Just finished reading Andrew Seeley’s article on the Education of the Hobbits, and then this hit. Serendipity!) I’m excited to see what’s in store for you next.

  2. I will miss your old blog I like hearing about the family and past things but I will also be just as excited to see the adventures in your new blog. Keep up the great writing!!

  3. My 15 yo. is writing an adventure novel, and I’m coaching him and editing it along the way. It’s made me very interested recently in the writing process and the art of writing vs. academic style writing. I wish you great luck and commend you for recognizing and facing an untenable situation and having the courage to move on. I look forward to your insights.

  4. How exciting that your son is going for a novel !!! Hope it works for him – quite a learning experience no matter what.

  5. Sounds good.  Guess I’ll have to sign up or whatever if I want to comment.. I still believe you could write a good novel. You do make me laugh when I read yur stuff! Of course I am your Mother (((  ))) Mom

    Bonnie bontun@aol.com

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