Well, duh . . .

Well, duh . . .
Sunday, Nov 23, 2008

I usually turn on the radio in the morning to hear the news and weather while I’m getting ready for the day. This morning was no different except that I woke up early and confused. I was sure it was Monday. I was annoyed that no one was awake yet and that we were starting off our week running late. I flicked on the radio and half-listened as I started making the bed. The story of the morning seemed to be about the space shuttle’s latest mission.

One of things the crew of the shuttle is supposed to set up on the space station was a machine that turns urine into drinking water. They can’t get the machine to work and stay in operation. Umm…even the machine knows this is gross. Ingenious, yes. But, I don’t care who you are or how smart you are, if you are using that water, you are always going to be thiking about pee. The machine is shutting itself down. I’m sure if it could, the machine would hurl itself out of the space station in pursuit of the $100,000 toolbox they lost yesterday.

And, then the radio guy gave the traffic report for SUNDAY. I went back to bed.

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