Tis the season and all of that . . .

Tis the season and all of that . . .
Tuesday, Dec 2, 2008

I’ve put the “novel of the century” on hold for a bit. It got to be beyond laughable and when you are mocking something you’ve written yourself, it’s time for a break. Ya know? I think I can do better – maybe. Or maybe not. For now, it’s just really, really awful.

Instead, I’ve broken out he holiday dishes (yes, in case you hadn’t noticed before I am mildly insane). I swapped out our everyday dishes for my random assortment of holiday dishes. The boys used to get excited about it, now they are just like their father – they look at me with a mixture of pity and the kind of encouragement you give to an adult with special needs. (I guess this is the place where I mention swapping out our regular bedding for holiday bedding – Thanks Claire!) Thhhpppt! It makes me happy. If you don’t like to do this kind of stuff, that’s fine. If you need a fix of overkill Christmas, this should be your destination. And, your’re welcome.

We don’t have a ton of space for decorating, but I never let that stop me around Christmas. Here are a few of my favorite touches from last night. No one else as noticed them (save Andy – he’s my current favorite child) yet, but they will. Muhahaha.

I had Santa clinging to the lamp in a much more dignified fashion. Andy thought this was much better.

I think I agree. We received this Santa hugging a wine bottle in the early years of our marriage. His little velcro limbs provide hours of entertainment here. I wonder how many years Velcro lives?

We picked up the bizarre zebra when Chili’s redecorated about two years ago. This thing has lived all over the house wearing all sorts of costumes.

For now, he’s living in the living room and sporting an excellent stocking cap. Jaunty, isn’t it?

This is BY FAR my favorite decoration of the year. If I were a minimalist, I’m not – though I like to think about being one, I would consider my house decorated with just this guy.

Isn’t it fun?

Is that ornament heavy or is he just joking? Or maybe it’s something fragile? Like a baby wrapped in a Christmas ornament?

The possibilities are endless.

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