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Just life . . .
Thursday, Dec 4, 2008

Got up today and did some speed schooling with Andy. The older boys were dragging, but that wasn’t my problem as Wednesday is our ONE no activity night of the week. At two, Andy I left to go grocery shopping. For some reason, Andy enjoys this activity enough for the both of us. We hit three different stores and spent $512.02 for most of what we’ll need for the month. Crazy, huh? We’ll probably spend another $150 on milk, beer, the essentials.

After grocery shopping, we hit Joann’s for some acrylic paint to test on our water bottle ornaments and then Home Depot to get some silver spray paint for our favorite Christmas decoration of them all … the toy tree!

It’s such a cool thing. Get a styrofoam cone at your local craft store (preferably with a dowel and a flower pot to hold it upright, but you can do those things yourself if need be.). Have your short people collect all the random small toys around the house they don’t care about. While they’re doing this, clean out your junk drawer for anything remotely interesing. Stick everything onto the styrofoam form. Overlap is good. I’ve found using quilting pins to be more effective than hot glue. Spray paint it all your favorite color – you’ll be amazed! All of the random junk is transformed when it turns to one color.

The rest of the day? I turned GIANT bags of cheese into usable bags of cheese via that miracle of Ziploc. I crafted three meatloaves and cooked another 12 lbs of ground meat and bagged that into usable portions. And, then, because I’m Amy – hear me roar, I made yogurt and granola. I really should look crunchier than I am.

In the midst of unpacking all of the groceries, someone dared asked me what was for dinner. Like they’re too good for the PopTarts I just brought home? I made some sesame noodles with our new found supplier of SunButter (peanut butter made with sunflowers!):

Here’s the recipe. It is from my favorite cookbook for people with kids. If you don’t own it you should. If you have family with a new baby or a toddler, it’s a great Christmas gift.

One Bite

Spaghetti Sesame

8 oz spaghetti or linguini

1/4 smooth peanut butter or sunflower butter

2 T hot water

6-8 T soy sauce (to taste)

2 T sugar

2 T sesame oil

1 tsp vinegar

1 “shake” cayenne pepper

1 garlic clove crushed

1/2 C. shredded carrots

1/2 C. shredded cucumber

This recipe is sooooo much better on day two. I like to toss in leftover diced chicken or pork.

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