Tis the Season …. right?

Tis the Season …. right?
Tuesday, Dec 9, 2008

Fa La La La … and all of that. I’m up and wound up. I have money set aside for Christmas, but I cannot bring myself to spend it. Everytime I look at a potential gift I ask, does this person really need it? The answer is always no. Wahhhh … I think I”m having an existential crisis. Talk me down folks.

Mike’s birthday is on Thursday. I have not one clue what to get him. Worse, he doesn’t care either. But you can’t have a birthday without a gift. Can you? What do 46 year old men want for their birthday – the cheap 46 year olds, that is?

And, while you’re thinking, what would two 15-year-olds like a full week AFTER Christmas? You know, because they have birthdays on New Year’s Eve.

I have to buy the kid gifts. Yet, our dryer is squeaking metal on metal, our microwave (which I would gladly live without) is doing the same thing AND following the metal-on-metal theme, the brakes on the trusty old Suburban are nearly shot.

I’ve always written a funny (I think it’s funny, not sure about the receivers.) newsletter in the past. This year, I just don’t see it happening. But I will figure it out. I’m so sad that we’ve only received three “real” cards so far this year. I know a lot of people are going to online cards or using Facebook or something similar, but I love getting “real” cards (I like all cards, btw). I hate that mailing cards is going the way of the rotary phone.

Upside? I made some soap tonight. I cannot believe how much I’ve missed making soap. We’ll see how it turns out.

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