Thursday, Dec 11, 2008

The season is tempered with sadness around here. I hate being in the position where I feel for people but cannot do a single useful thing. If you are the praying type or the type that is inclined to think good thoughts for people, do you mind taking a few minutes?

A dear family friend, after many, many years of struggling with cancer, appears to be on the losing end of her fight. My uncle, who I am not close to, but love all the same (he’s my godfather), is facing yet another bout with cancer. One of my very best friends has had a bad year already, but is facing even more. Her mom fell, broke her hip and is struggling to recover. A long time friend just lost his father, unexpectedly. And, another friend is facing surgery that should come out just fine, but she’s terrified of having to stay in the hospital.

If you have prayers and good thoughts to spare, these people and those that love them could definitely use a boost. And, yes, I absolutely believe that the 30 seconds you might spend thinking a good thought REALLY makes a difference.

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