It’s that time of year . . .

It’s that time of year . .
Sunday, Dec 14, 2008

Sing with me . . .

“It’s that time of year

When things all break down

That time of year that we love

Every Christmas,

we watch the house fall down ….

OK – not quite. The ‘Burb is fixed – $800 worth of wholesome-Christmas-goodness fixed. We are choosing to ignore the list of additional things that will need to be fixed in the near future. We are hoping to spread that extra $2200 of goodness around into the new year. No complaints, though. We knew this day was coming. We were just hoping it would be in March 2009. The dryer, with my regular offerings of cookies and fresh candles, seems to be hanging in there and if you turn up the Christmas carols, you can hardly hear it. Yay dryer!

Mike’s birthday was Thursday. It ended up being a fun night. Mike took the boys to tae kwon do. I actually made Mike a birthday dinner, his choice. Meatloaf, baked potatoes and something green. While Mike and the boys were at class, I moved the living room around (I do this every year attempting to create space that does not exist, but it makes me feel better). I assembled the tree, and learned that half of the lights weren’t working. Gah! Fortunately, we are collectors of strands of lights and I found enough to fill in the tree.

We ate dinner while watching Christmas Vacation (and, yes, this is age appropriate for an 8 year old with three older brothers). We ate cake. I had recipes here for awesome homemade cakes, but I lost the day and ended up making Mike’s favorite, Angel Food cake, with chocolate and sprinkles drizzled all over it.

The kids decorated the tree. For the first time, since before I had kids, I did not have that urge to redecorate the tree after they went to bed. Weird. I’m slowly getting into the Christmas spirit. Tomorrow, we’re meeting my parents and my brother to watch A Christmas Carol at a local theater. We’re all kind of excited about it.

Today, I picked up a gift for one of the kids. I ordered it online, and picked it up locally. I took Mike’s truck to do this. I don’t know why I dislike driving Mike’s truck so much. Essentially, his GMC truck is exactly the same size and shape of my own GMC Suburban. But there is something about the open flat bed that freaks me out. Plus, Mike’s truck has all kind of crazy stuff in it – heated seats (hello, Florida?), power everything which confuses me and the whole lack of passenger seating.

But, I bravely took the truck to my desitnation, enjoying the working cd player and singing loudly. Picked up the gift. Walked out to the car and could not figure out how to open the hard top cover on the flat bed of the truck. Went back inside and a nice young man, close in age to my own young men, was happy to help me out (though, young man, I did see you do the eye roll and the “they are so stupid when they’re old” look).

Today was cloudly and cool. As I was driving to my next destination, I noticed it was vey cloudly behind me. I was happy to be moving ahead of the storm. At the next red light, I glanced in my rear view mirror and noticed the sky had turned black. OOooo, thought I. At the next red light, it occurred to me that perhaps I was an idiot. The back of the truck had flipped open. I pulled into the nearest place. I had to climb up on the bumper and kind of dive down on the thing to get it to shut securely. Gah. It’s a wonder I’m allowed to drive at all.

Anyway, I haven’t abandoned you … just trying to keep my head above water for now. Please, please, please someone inspire the boys to finish up what they know they need to finish so we can finally start our Christmas break! It’s not brain surgery, for Heaven’s sake. Just write the stupid research paper and be done. NOW!

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