The Best Day EVER!

The Best Day EVER!
Monday, Dec 15, 2008

OK, maybe not the best day EVER, but it was a great day. We went to see A Christmas Carol this afternoon with my mom and dad and my brother. The play was really fun. (In my next life I think I want to be a set designer. I swear I love seeing what those folks do with any given scenario.) If you’re in Orlando, or close, it’s worth the ticket price. I would not bring kids younger than 8 or so (unless they’re very familiar with the play and its darker moments). I wouldn’t label this version scary, but the sudden dark moments and intense music could easily send a six-year-old to the lobby and you’d miss out. It was funny, intense and so up close and personal there was no way NOT to like it.

After the show we went for pizza. I don’t even remember the last time we had dinner out (thanks, mom and dad). We went to Alfonsos. While we have not been out in a while, I am certain that this is the VERY best pizza (if you like thin crust) in town. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

So there … that’s my latest version of the best day ever. When we got home, I FINALLY figured out what to do for my mom’s Christmas gift – yay! Mike baked cookies – did you know there were such things as truffle cookies? Oh man. If you’ve never heard of them, pretend like you never read this. The kids, hungry after our long (20 minute) drive home, cleaned out the leftovers in the fridge – we ONLY ate three large pizzas after all.

Hope everyone else’s Sunday was just as great as ours.

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