Today’s menu: Korea

Today’s menu: Korea
Friday, Dec 19, 2008

TaeKwonDo is from Korea
Tim has been working to finish up his research paper and written exam for his black belt test at Taekwondo tomorrow morning. To say Tim HATES to do this kind of written work is an understatement. He actually turned down an invitation to take his black belt test rather than face the writing. NOW he’s finally doing it. I’m proud of myself for not forcing him to do it the first time around. I’m even prouder of Tim for knowing himself well enough to know when it was right to take the test. So if you happen to think of Tim between 8 am and 4 pm tomorrow, think a good thought. He’ll be taking the physical test tomorrow. This is where he excels and I’m hoping he has a great day. (No spectators allowed, so I’ll spend the day pacing up and down.)

Last Meal?
If you drag out making dinner for long enough, anything you toss in front of your family will be declared delicious. Tonight, I took a good three hours to make tacos. I had my reasons – not really good reasons, but you know. Mostly I just wasn’t that into dinner tonight. By the time I fed everyone, they were raving about how this was the best dinner they’d ever eaten. The conversation turned to what we would have as a last meal. Ian, our resident vegetarian and smart ass, said he would choose Flaming Yong as his last meal. Blech. That’s filet mignon for those of you who haven’t had their coffee – I just needed an excuse to use this picture. Kind of makes you wish you hadn’t sent your Christmas cards so early, huh? Talk about ways to freak out the relatives – nothing like a little Kim Jong-il to say Merry Holidays, huh?

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