Ch-ch-ch-chilly . . .

Ch-ch-ch-chilly . . .
Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008

We had a great day today. Tim went into the warehouse with Mike to help out. Dan, Ian and Andy were stuck with me. And we cleaned! I have to say having older kids has its benefits! They can move furniture. They KNOW what I mean by clean. They can do laundry. The house is clean and it was relatively painless for all of us.

Andy is wired beyond belief for Christmas. Fortunately, his band of “Lost Boys” is on break for the holidays. Those boys ran and climbed trees and eventually ended up racing garbage cans – yes, you read right. Late in the afternoon, I had a chance to spend some time with my neighbors. We all watched our children racing up and down the street with the garbage cans (fortunately, it never occurred to the boys to put people into the cans) and we all questioned why we spend money on toys for Christmas when we know they’d be just as happy with a bundle of sticks, a garbage can and maybe a big ball of rubber bands.

Tonight I’m getting ready to finish up my mom’s gift. I can’t wait to show you all a picture. It’s not that great, but it’s definitely not your ordinary Yankee candle either! Then, I’m going to start wrapping. I never made it out today to get the two things I forgot, but I’ll be able to go in the morning. Mike has a little list of things to pick up before he comes home from his short work day. After that, it’s all about the cookies, right?

It’s currrently 63 here. I hate to admit that I’m freezing, but I am. Freezing. I cannot even imagine how all of you up north (like North Carolina) survive. I would sell a child for a fireplace right now.

And, for your viewing pleasure, I’m including a new shot of our Christmas zebra. He’s looking mighty festive, is he not?

Hope everyone’s Festivus is going well. The boys are in the backyard now performing feats of strength. It’s going well so far – I have the insurance card ready and the car has gas just in case we need to head to the emergency department.

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