Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008

Everyone gather round your aluminum poles and start airing your grievances! It’s Festivus!!!! Make sure you have a safe place before you start your physical challenges.

In other news, Saturday was cut-out cookie day! We had a great time doing this last year and we had another great day doing it this year. 8-9-10 year old boys do not have an appreciation for “pretty” cookies. They prefer to alter the cut-outs with little bodies or dinosaurs. And, they can only do this for so long until it’s time to go swing on the vine in the tree outside. All I can say is God Bless my one little girl neighbor. She makes pretty cookies and can hold a decent conversation at the same time.

Lucky for me, her mom came along to help. Now, it’s no secret, I’m pretty loose with little boys. I know they’re going to make a mess and I just plan on a big clean-up. My poor neighbor! I think when I told the kids to just cover the table top with flour I sent her over the edge – and she was very graceful about it, too.

About an hour into cookie making, I could see her eye starting to twitch. It’s really not a pretty thing to watch so many short people prepare what is essentially food. I’ve had years and years to numb my senses. My neighbor hasn’t. Finally, we grabbed two beers out of the fridge. (I called Mike – who was out picking up Dan and Tim – for replacements!) I pulled cookies out of the oven and got set up for decorating. My neighbor cleaned up the table. No small chore. The kids came in and decorated for a bit, but they’d lost their momentum.

We stuck the movie Elf into the little kitchen TV and started “fixing” cookies. Sending home one or two “bloody” boy cookies is one thing, but a whole plate of them? I think not.

The highlight of cookie making was Andy’s new friend of a friend, “M.” I’ve only encountered him when the boys have been playing outside or playing Legos. Saturday was my first real conversation with this child. What a hoot! At first he wasn’t sure about making Christmas cookies since he’s Jewish. But, most of my cookie cutters are pretty secular (football helmets, cowboy hats, etc) he came around. In the end, he made a TON of the letter “N” cookies and he added noses to all of them. How can you not love a kid like that? I’m sure his parents were confused when he came home with his random plate of cookies.

Sunday, Andy’s best friend, Paul, turned 9. (Weren’t they just 3?) Paul’s dad bravely took a group of kids to the trampoline place and then for Happy Meals. We all met up back at Paul’s house for ice cream cake (man, I forgot how much I LOVE ice cream cakes) and presents. The kids were kind of worn out, but Paul’s dad was definitely DONE.

So, like good neighbors, Mike and I, all sugared up from the cake, left the older boys in charge and we went shopping. I don’t think Mike and I have shopped jointly since all the older boys were in diapers (and I can’t even be sure of that). Poor Mike. I had my annual holiday meltdown right in the middle of Best Buy. I have to give Mike credit, though. He’s learned over the years that I do not handle sensory overload very well – Best Buy is the worst place for me to be EVER. He offered to stand in line and sent me to get a Diet Coke and get a grip and maybe make a list. I married the right person.

Not only did we survive my meltdown, we went to the mall. Gah! We got one thing and ran out of there. We are so not mall people. I wonder if I have ADD or ADHD something. I get so distracted. And, then we went to several other places … and we didn’t kill each other. It was kind of a shopping date. We both hate to shop, but we sucked it up and did what we had to do. As a team. YAY us.

I have two things to get tomorrow and I’m done …. done ….. done. And, can anyone tell me where I can get a dvd of A Christmas Carol that does not involve muppets?

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