Merry Boxing Day

Merry Boxing Day!
Friday, Dec 26, 2008

It’s late, late, late here. I have been basking in Christmas lights and silence. Ahhhh….

We did it … another Christmas. I sent the kids (and Mike) to bed tonight and felt so grateful that they were all mine. Sure, we’re weird. And, we have our moments, but overall, we are so unbelievably lucky. It’s kind of amazing to me when I step back and really look at our lives.

We spent last night at my mom and dad’s eating LEGENDARY Vegetable Soup. Seriously. Andy is “allergic” to green beans until he eats my mom’s soup. Once a year, the boy eats green beans and doesn’t die, in fact he’s happy about it. We had so much fun talking about past Christmases and eating and eating and talking some more.

In our family, adults open their gifts on Christmas Eve. The kids open small gifts (usually pj’s and a book) from me and Mike, a small gift from my parents and something very cool from my brother. We’re weird, we drag the process out as long as possible. But we had a blast last night. My mom liked her gift that I made. I’d show it to you, but the pictures are on her camera as I forget to put a memory card in my camera last night.

I was up WAY late last night (never again will I be a slacker) wrapping gifts to put under the tree. WAY late. In fact, I’d been asleep a full hour when I heard the kids get up. Let’s just say I was not happy – especially when I learned that Danny (you know, my kid that will be driving a car with no supervision in three weeks?) woke at 5:30 and felt the need to wake Andy up as well? Gah! This is the stuff that builds grandparents.

The kids have always been allowed to get their stockings and take them to their rooms. I marched out and said “THIS is not happening! Go back to bed!!!!” (Why the boys call me Queen of the Harpies, I’ll never know) They took their stockings – with snacks, card games and enough chocolate to buy me two hours of sleep. Ahhhhh…..

Mike still had to pry me out of bed – picture large man leading woman with crazed hair out of the bedroom with an icy Diet Coke …. that would be us. I’m so no the get up and make a “special” breakfast kind of mom. We get bagels (we do get fancy cream cheese) and that’s it.

The best gift of the day? Andy’s personal-sized Gary Coleman/George Foreman grill. *snort* He actually hugged it. Look for his show on the Food Network channel in 2020.
He went to bed with the little recipe book clutched to his chest. I’m thinking we’re getting hamburgers for breakfast.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day – Christmas or not.

NOW … I need good ideas on party hats for New Year’s Eve … I think I’ll need about 50. Anyone have fun homemade hat ideas?

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