They’re everywhere!

Boys, that is. Every where I try to hide there are teenage boys. It’s been that way all day. It’s now 4:00 pm and I’ve not even managed to grab a shower. I’m askeered what might happen if I leave them to their own devices for that long.

They’re all ramped up at the prospect of fireworks tomorrow night. I just had to send some giant kid on a pogo stick OUT of my kitchen. Think about this, you are 6′ tall, you’re on a pogo stick in the middle of a kitchen with average height ceilings and two ceiling fans. There is not a good ending to that. Gah! I know if I sneak off to get a shower, my Christmas tree is toast.

So, I am hiding at the computer. I put the news on as an extra measure of protection. Never mind that we have tons of people coming here tomorrow night. I have no food ready. I have no birthday presents for Ian and Tim. I have a mountain of laundry. Here I sit. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m actually eating chocolate while I sit here. Can a soap opera addiction be far off?

I had such grand plans for today. :::sigh::: Yesterday was mostly lost. We drove out to Daytona Beach so Ian could use a gift certificate he won at the magic convention last month. He’s doing his big New Year’s Eve show tomorrow night and needed a couple of “magic” things. (Hey – Blogger autosaves my typing every few minutes – that’s kind of cool!) Ian, Andy and I had a fun afternoon driving out to the beach and hanging out for a bit. Tim was working at the warehouse and Danny hates Daytona. He actually opted to stay home and do laundry rather than come with us to the beach.

We didn’t spend any time on the beach. We went to a city park on the beach and stayed up on the boardwalk. Andy played on the playground and Ian and I did some serious people watching. I think Daytona Beach might be the best place in the world to people-watch. It was interesting to note that all of the cars on the beach had Canadian plates. I think the furthest south the license plates went was New Hampshire. (Yes, I know that New Hampshire is not part of Canada.) These people were actually going in the water. Can you say nipply?

Ooooh…it appears the teenagers have eaten everything left in the house and might be migrating to the next kitchen. Cross your fingers – there might be shower in my future after all. Let’s hope so. I don’t know how thrilled Mike will be when he gets home and finds me in sweats and covered in chocolate smears.

4 thoughts on “They’re everywhere!

  1. Good luck getting that shower!Yesterday I didn’t get one at all and today I didn’t get one until the afternoon and that’s because I had an errand to run and REFUSED to subject the general public to my funky armpits. *SIGH* You want them to have friends, but why so many, and why so often, LOL. I not quite tired of the Guitar Hero drums, I’m too busy playing them, LOL.

  2. As I read this it is 7 am, and I am trying not to laugh to loud and wake everyone up. I want to spend a week with you. Just 1 week. You know for research!

  3. Sabrina, you come any time you want. LOL Think hard on that, though, once you arrive, there is NO turning back.MOM 1 – I get “car sick” trying to play the Guitar Hero game. It looks fun, but it’s not worth throwing up for me.

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