It’s late and I’m feeling kind of Mary Tyler Moore-ish

For the past few years we’ve hosted a sort of New Year’s Eve party here. It’s a loose kind of party, no official invites, nothing fancy. But, it’s been fun. This evening we’ve learned quite a few people will not be coming. I don’t think it’s anything personal, just lives changing and perhaps a touch of forgetfulness. But, wah!

What if no one comes tomorrow? Although part of me feels a little gleeful at the prospect of eating all the little cocktail weenies in crescent rolls for myself, another part of me is kind of sad. Any Mary Tyler Moore fans out there? On the show, she would have a party and no one would show up and it was just horrible. I am starting to feel like that – you know if I was single and didn’t have a tummy roll and four kids and my life was a pretend tv show.

But, I’m panicking. My parents will come. It IS Ian and Tim’s birthday. (How is it that I’m old enough to have 15 year old twins? But, that’s a whole ‘nother lament.) The boys’ friends will come too and if they come, there are no worries about leftover food.

Buhh…buh…buh…buh….but at the rate we’re going it’s going to be an all boys/all men party tomorrow. Even my trusty neighbor buddies are in weird situations right now. One just had surgery and is still recovering. I’ll be surprised if she makes it to midnight – she’s a trooper, but that’s a BIG step. And, having had similar surgeries myself, I fully believe recovery is more important than sitting up with me on New Year’s Eve. My other neighbor has guests she expected plus a couple she hadn’t expected and her situation is up in the air right now.

I just hate when others’ lives don’t revolve completely around me and my expectations. (kidding – sort of – my favorite quote is “I’m not much but I’m all I think about” – thanks, Julie!) Oh well, the food is made, the house is clean (sort of) and we’re ready for whoever shows up. (See me tossing my totally cute hat into the air as a statement of “I just don’t care.” But on some level I guess I do care, otherwise I would have tossed an ugly hat?)

OK – that’s all out of my system. Do other people worry about stuff like this? I know we’ll have fun no matter who is here tomorrow. Heck, we have fun when no one is here. If you’re doing nothing tomorrow night, feel free to come on over. You can have the bunk beds and we’ll put the boys in a tent outside.

7 thoughts on “It’s late and I’m feeling kind of Mary Tyler Moore-ish

  1. I cannot host parties, I get myself worked up into a nervous wreck and then end up not having any fun. I do, however, enjoy attending parties . . . so I’ll see you around 8, LOL! I’ll take the bottom bunk! 😉

  2. Since you have abandoned us, I guess I must come to you. Dahling, the peeps are missing you. I’ll be at your party. Wait for me, okay? It is a long drive you know.Happy New Year!

  3. Don’t tempt me…Jay woke up on the wrong side of the bed…I might just come on up…my new favorite drink is Lemon Drops…see you tonight 🙂

  4. If I could get a flight, a babysitter, and yeah, I would need a car all within 6 hours I would be there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the boys!! You will have a great party..

  5. I avoid the kind of angst you’re expressing by simply never inviting people over to my house.I don’t go to parties, either.No one worries about it.🙂Happy Birthday to your boys. I know your party will be successful and everyone who’s lucky enough to be there will have fun.

  6. Jay didn’t want me driving there…we had a nice quiet evening. Alexander stayed up for the very first time…he used ice cubes on his face to stay awake. Happy Birthday Tim and Ian. Happy 2009 Amy.

  7. Awww I wish all of you could have been there – even you Mental Ami! Claire, I really wish I had seen your comment earlier – I would have come and picked you up! I’m glad you ended up having a good night, though.

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