Time for a round of PMS House

It’s been awhile … but here we are back at PMS House basking in the glow of mom’s love and encouragement. The bunk beds started off the day. Now, I’m sitting not 10 feet away from the man I love willing myself NOT to bash him over the head with a cinder block for breathing too loudly while he enjoys his football game. Seriously, every time he exhales it sounds as though he’s trying to dislodge some large foreign object from his head. I seem to be the only person that notices this. Someone, anyone, tell me that I’m not alone in this insanity? (If I am alone, can someone come take any cinder blocks within my reach out of my reach?)

3 thoughts on “Time for a round of PMS House

  1. Bless your heart, my cure for just this sort of frustration is two Midol and a French Manicure. Sometimes I boss the manicurist around just to get the beast out, but I’ll tip her a couple of extra bucks to take the edge off, LOL.

  2. OHMIGOSH my hubby, 49, makes this obnoxious sound, too!!! It is like living with a noisy teakettle or small steam engine – he seems to “puff” every time he exhales through his nose – I have to work to do it (just to show him what he is doing) yet he seems oblivious to it. It drives one of my kids crazy, too.JFS in IL

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