Welcome to Japan!!!!

WOW! Sabrina is my hero! I met her through my blog and selling soap and we hit it off. You should read her blog – adorable kids, interesting life and she’s funny too. She told me she was sending ‘something’ a couple of weeks ago. Ummm … she sent an entire island from Japan. We have spent all day going through the goodies she sent. Here’s a bad picture of what we haven’t eaten yet.

The box had all kinds of crazy Japanese candy and snacks. There are some kites we’re going to test if the wind ever comes back. A couple of cool Christmas ornaments – a santa carved out of a nut and paper crane. A good luck scroll, dedicated to students and night owls – how perfect is that? And a beautiful calligraphy set – the boys are dying to try it out. I’m making them wait until we have a nice slow afternoon. A good luck New Year’s wreath – hanging on my new calendar and so much more.

I think that is my favorite thing about blogging – the chance to get to know other people even though we might never actually meet. That and repeatedly learning how generous and fun people can be. Sabrina certainly made our whole weekend with her package. Have any of you other bloggers had fun experiences like this? If not, we should set up a blog swap!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Japan!!!!

  1. Oh, I’m wicked jealous. I need some really rich person to raid a Japanese fabric store for me… Um, I could send you some Old Bay seasoning, stink bugs, and cold.

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