Idiots need not apply . . .

A few months ago I joined Facebook. You know, because everyone else joined. When I signed up, I really didn’t get it. I’m starting to get it – slow learning curve and all. And, I’m starting to get it enough that I noticed that many of the ads were targeted specifically to my age and family status. Many, but not all. I seemed to have an unusually large number of ads for lesbian sites. Which would be fine, if I was a lesbian. Even if I was a lesbian, I would have found some of the ads on the creepy side. But, I could not figure it out.

Finally, I did what any sane person would have done weeks ago. I asked someone who has a clue what they’re doing. She checked my Facebook profile and lo and behold, it announced to the world that I was looking to meet men and women. Well, I like men and women, but not the way the site meant it. I’ve since fixed my profile and I’m happy with my nice new bland ads geared to nerdy, old people who are not seeking to spice up their sex lives. Whew.

Why, you ask, do I feel the need to blog about this? Something tells me I’m not alone. Consider this my public service for the weekend.

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