Give me Three!

I did not know it when I was living it, but three-years-old is the best it gets. They are portable and easily impressed. If you’re consistent and willing to give up most of your life, they come out on the four-year-old side as human beings. And then they become teenagers. . . (muhahahaha)

Teenagers, not so much. They’re big and not terribly portable. Additionally, they speak and don’t shut up. Ever. Did I mention they’re stoopid? In this instance no one was hurt. But, sheesh … (and, NO!, no one is contemplating moving out, just the best picture I could find.)

Trying day here. Nothing scary or unusual, but this teen stuff is all new and weird. WHY did the authors (who made me insane and who made me doubt my every move) of What to Expect the First Year not continue with the series? I want clear instructions on what to expect the 15/16/17/18/19 Years. NOW!

6 thoughts on “Give me Three!

  1. If you find that book, let me know. I had to go to bed early last night for fear of causing extreme bodily injury to Baby Boy, who proceeded to look at me like I was the crazy one. No advice, just letting you know, we’re all in this one together. First one to produce a viable citizen without enduring extended incarceration wins! 😉

  2. Hah… if you find such a book make sure you pick up a copy for me *smiles* Too bad the “what to expect…” books didnt start with… Are you out of your mind?The 19 year old is driving me insane… and her 11 yr old sister is just waiting in the wings. I love this quote… “When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.”

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