It’s Officially January . . .

Every year since we’ve been married, January has been an expensive month. I thought we were sneaking by it this year … foolish mortal. The dryer is running as noisily as ever, but now there is no heat. Mike, who has no appliance repair skills, is determined to start with this appliance. The dishwasher runs, but it spews nasty stuff all over the already dirty dishes. I’m just doing the dishes in the sink. Mike has this next on his list. The lawnmower, which the kids rely on for their “neighborhood income” is dead. This is third on Mike’s repair list.

I should be clear here, I’m not mocking my husband, I just have less belief in his ability to repair things he knows very little about than he does. I love him and I will sit here and watch him and cross my fingers that whatever website he’s using is steering him in the right direction.

At the same time, I’m cringing at the thought of having another repairman ask me, “Who was messing with this?” I could suck it up and say it was me, but they’d out me on the first question about what I’d done. They usually catch on when I say things like “I moved that thingie over there.” Most repair guys don’t care when I shout, “Yeah, but he can debone a chicken faster than you can fix that thingie.”

Everyone, this means you, please go bury something, anything, in your back yard that my dryer can be fixed quickly. The pollen is the worst here it’s been in years. If I have to hang out clothes to dry, I might as well hang Ian from a tree. No pressure.

9 thoughts on “It’s Officially January . . .

  1. Replacing the heating element in the dryer is a fairly easy repair. However, it’s important to mention that one should UNPLUG THE APPLIANCE before attempting to fix it.Good luck.Oh, and my dishwasher was doing what yours is. Your food/particle disposal in the bottom of the dishwasher is probably clogged. Another easy fix.

  2. Good luck vibes are being sent to you right now. Do you feel ’em?I have actually made my own repairs on things by finding web sites that tell you what to do so I think he will be able to do it.About unplugging before doing anything. My ex-husband held up an electrical cord and told me to cut it with a knife at a certain spot. Do you know that if it isn’t unplugged it will flash and melt a hole in the knife? I didn’t trust him so much after that….

  3. Hey, I suspect it won’t fix your dishwasher but run a few packages of lemon koolaid through it while it’s empty.Mine was doing that spewing nasty crap back on my dishes thing for a while too. I tried the koolaid trick and now it only does it about once a month. I just run another empty load with some lemon koolaid and viola! no more crap. You may have to do it 2 or 3 times at first.It’s something about the citric acid that will unclog the lines and valves.Good luck! Jan. is always our budget killing month too.

  4. No advice, just positive thoughts . . . it sure sounds like you need them. I’m lucky, Mom #2 can fix ANYTHING. If you get desperate enough, I’ll send her up for a visit, LOL.

  5. Yikes! Can you put the clothes in the dishwasher? You know just use the heat seating, not the wash! Good Luck.. I will burry something on my patio.

  6. We keep seeing everyone throwing out hot water heaters in our neighborhood (all the houses were built by the same builder within a 3 year period). So we know that it is going to blow soon. Problem is we can’t GET to it to have it replaced. Garage is a pit. Jay keeps working on it bit by bit. Hoping to have it somewhat clean by the time it blows! It is unnerving having it looming over our head.

  7. Yes! Yes! You’re at blogger now! I can leave comments! YESSSSSSS!Hey, have Mike check out the Appliance Samurai. I kid you not. It may help. Or, at least you can preview the history and put names with the thingies, which won’t help your reputation much w/ the appliance repair guys, but will help them figure out if anything got moved that ought not have.FWIW, it sounds like a heating element, which is TOTALLY easy to replace. Even I, She Who Is Terrified of Things Electrical, can replace the heating element in a dryer. It’ll be okay.

  8. Ah, my sister. My dishwasher made a burny smell and then stopped working about 3 months ago. I’m still washing dishes in my shallow, one chamber sink. I hate my sink. My dryer is currently taking around 3-4 hours to dry a load of clothes. I suspect this is not normal. My husband needs to call a contractor to change out a lightbulb, so I tried cleaning the vent tube thingy myself, but it has had no effect. So I imagine I’ll be hanging clothes in my dining room.

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