I thought I felt better . . .

I guess I was wrong. I felt human Friday night, even kicked my family’s butt in a Scrabble game. And then I crashed. Hard. I slept all day and all night Saturday. I was up for a bit on Sunday morning, took a long, hard nap Sunday afternoon and finally felt semi-human. And really hungry. My lovely neighbor sent a giant bowl of potato soup over when I was “dozing” Saturday night. Ahhhh, what a great way to wake up Sunday morning. I showered and ate and ate and ate and then watched the first part of the 24 premiere. Jack’s back!

This morning I was up fairly early and feeling human. By the time we’d finished up Andy’s “official school” I was in dire need of a nap. I’m thinking the older you get the harder this kind of stupid stuff hits you. Andy and Ian have bounced back into the real world with no problem. I feel fine, but I’m sooooo tired. It’s an old thing, I’m sure of it.

Lucky for me, though, I got sick during “Armageddon Week” on one of the history channels. When I am sick, I usually sleep on the couch. I can toss and turn and change blankets and what not without making poor Mike insane. I usually keep the tv on a boring show, the low volume noise generally puts me right to sleep. But, damn! Armageddon Week! 12/21/2012 – who knew? I sure didn’t, but I do now. If my tv has been telling me the truth (and, it’s a tv, it can’t lie) it’s all going to end on that day.

The problem is, no one will tell us HOW it’s going to end? Should we just give up? Should we be planting gardens and propagating plants that grow in the dark? Should we duct tape ourselves into our houses and hope the germs don’t get us? It’s a mess! I had all sorts of grand plans when I had a fever. Now, I’m thinking we’ll just stick to our foil hats and live our lives.

10 thoughts on “I thought I felt better . . .

  1. Damn. I blamed the lengthy sicknesses on to moving to a different state. Different germs/pollens/dust, etc. Now I’m worried that I’m just getting old. Thanks. Thanks a lot.And yeah, Armegeddon Week!! I’ve decided rural compounds are the way to go for the ‘end of days’ – I’m thinking of something like Waco. Minus the fiery ending, plus yurts and a big community garden. No specific religion, although you will be required to refer to me as ‘My Queen’. I’ll save you a spot, should you care to join us! :0)Hope you get over the yuckiness soon!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are still suffering with the “ick”. Hope you are feeling 100% soon!Guess I will start stockpiling stuff now if the world is ending soon. How convenient that the world is ending in ’12… thats the year the eldest graduates from college, guess thats as good an excuse as any as to why she cant get a job after graduation. LOL Im just kidding *smiles*

  3. Well…I think it will be galaxies colliding that will end it all. The milky way will just collide with another galaxy and we will all be toast.(my word verification word this time is FARKING—for some reason that cracked me up)

  4. Ewwww You have what we like to call “The Creeping Crudd” where it just keeps creeping back every time you think you’ve kicked it. Poor Foil Hat.Oh, we’ve been watching Armageddon week too, it’s such a hoot. Mom #2 already has us living in a clearing in the jungle with a bomb shelter and rain collection barrels. I hope our garden holds up, that’s our only source of food. Maybe we should start wearing foil hats too . . . that way we’ll be able to identify the “Friendlies” from the “Others.”

  5. Yikes! I hope you are feeling better soon. I have a bit of the *old virus* myself these days. I can’t wait until Tuesday, we are supposed to get digital cable. Then we can watch all the cool shows. Ian has a plan for when the end comes. I sure hope the Navy didn’t give him our *plan*. It will end up being $1000 and a ticket to some obscure country..

  6. Here are your interview questions from my blog. You missed them somehow or you just were too busy, too sick or sumthin’-but I want to know the answers…..the suspense is killing me.1. In your former life as a soapmaker, what was your favorite soap?2. What is the best thing about living in Florida, besides the awesome sunshine, seashells and ocean?3. Could you house a family of five for a mini-vacation…heehee? Totally not kidding. Describe the most painful houseguest experience you have ever had.4. Do you participate in The Pioneer Woman’s contests? If so, have you ever won? I think they must be rigged as I have never won.5. Was it fun and therapeutic to break all that glass for your kitchen? Who did you have in mind when you were doing it?

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