Could we get more boring?

Well, maybe if we were dead. See how bored I am, I have added a picture of me to the blog. At least one of us has been sick over the past two weeks. Danny is the latest to fall. Of course, Dan has plans and is pretending he’s NOT sick. Oh yea. That’s working out. Sure, I can ignore the glassy eyes and the constant sleep thing. Just like his dad, I’m fine. No problem. Zzzzzzzz… Boys/Men are bizarre creatures. At least here they are bizarre.

When I have a huge headache I take something. When Mike or one of the boys has a headached, they suffer for three hours and then ask me if they should take something. Doh! I’m not a huge fan of over-medicating, but basic steps seem to me to be, you know, basic. By 15 you know how much your head hurts and you can take mom’s advice or even read the freaking label. But to just lay there like a lump?????? Is this a guy thing?

While Dan is suffering, I’ve been feeling better. I finally gave our coffee and end table a white wash that makes them fit in with the rest of the room. I’ve scrubbed the house from top to bottom. AND, Mike, my hero, found a great table to replace the stupid computer desk I’ve been using. The house feels right and light and I’m happy.

I painted some extra banker’s boxes to contain what was in the computer dssk. Here are some pictures. I think they’re kind of fun and they fit on the shelves where we have the TV.

Finally, NINTH BIRTHDAY! Andy turns 9 next week. The party is going to be small. He’s not too interested in the trampoline place. We’re looking at putt-putt golfing, and, ummmm . . . what else? I don’t mind doing something here at home, but I cannot figure out a fun thing to do. That’s what sucks about having three older brothers. I want him to have something all his own, but …

Best ideas will get soap. HELP!

9 thoughts on “Could we get more boring?

  1. ACK! I can’t see the pictures.. But, I am sure it looks great..For Andy’s birthday maybe you all could make him the BOSS for a day. You know everyone has to listen to him, play his games, eat what he wants, and his brothers have to treat him as the KING!! Well there ya go, not a grand idea but it could be fun.. maybe.

  2. We have the crud at our house, too. I’m still waiting for the deep cleaning symptom to show up, that would actually be helpful.My older daughter tried traditional school for the first time this year. Being sick and missing a day of brick and mortar school really stinks. Glad she’s coming back home next year.Anyhoo. Party ideas . . . the nine year old crowd around here are big into Wii tournaments and LazerTag. What about a really great scavenger hunt followed by pizza, etc? We once did a water themed birthday party: sprinkler, water guns, water balloons, etc (of course, dd’s b-day is in August). My older dd’s favorite party was just two friends and a visit to the local nature museum.I’m sure you’ll come up with something creative!

  3. Do you have a rock-climbing place? My turning-11 DD wants to have a party there. I’m not sure what has brought that on, but I bet a 9 year old boy would enjoy it, too.

  4. Fill water guns with colored water (each one different so you know who shot you) and let them at it in the back yard. Then give them food. Our school was closed on account of cold. COLD. That’s all. We live in Maryland, so it’s not like the doors are freezing shut, it’s just cold. Sheesh.

  5. He likes to cook right? What about a build your own birthday with a food theme? Like build a mini pizza, or a decorate a cupcake table? Simple things where he could be the wee chef and have fun cooking up his day. Actually since he’s got his foreman he could be the wee chef making hamburgers or chicken??We didn’t do much at all for our 7yr old. He wanted a birthday at home with his choice for supper, a cake and a pinata full of candy. We added a movie to that and he was a happy guy.

  6. The only picture I see is yours.Did you actually upload them?Go to the grocery store. Get some (unused)meat trays. The longer, thinner ones work best.Using a ball point pen for the design, scissors, masking tape, pennies for nose weights, the curve of the edge for wing curve and lots of creativity, have them make and cut out airplanes. I can explain this better in an email if you want.The other never-fail idea is to make stomp rockets,(OMG those suckers FLY!!) but that takes a bit more hands-on from adults/bigger kid helpers. Link available on request.

  7. Last year I gathered up old small appliances, broken remotes and game controllers, busted hair dryers, etc., from thrift stores, friends, and family. I set everything on tables, passed out tools and inexpensive safety goggles and we had a “take it apart party.” The kids loved it. They worked on stuff for an entire hour. One of the boys lined up all the small pieces on the porch rail to make an “art installation.” It was a lot of fun–the parents got into it, too.Have fun, whatever you decide to do.

  8. Well, I’m late so everyone already took the great ideas. Shoot!Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Baby Boy is pretty obstinate when he’s under the weather too . . . unless he wants to get out of schoolwork. Then he begs for any medication that “might” make him sleepy, LOL. Boys!

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