Way to scare the kids!

Today is the first day I have felt totally human in a long time. The kids are used to me being tied to the couch. I think today kind of shocked them back to the real world.
Dan: “Quick, Mom is working at full-speed again, help me stash this laundry.” Ian: “No can do, I’m trying to erase all traces of flash paper and magical mess from the walls.
Tim: “I told you guys this would happen. She always comes back – meaner and cleaner than the last time. Give me the laundry and I have the secret super-great bathroom cleaner inside my pillow case. One of you go squirt that around the bathroom.”
Andy: “I’ll go read Harry Potter to mom. You know how she loves my accents and spontaneous gestures. That should give you all a good fifteen minutes.”
Mom: “I didn’t hear a thing. I didn’t hear a thing. I didn’t hear a thing.”

Andy and I finished up his school early. He was pretty excited. Danny’s friend-that-is-a-girl came over today and Andy had promised to make her lunch on his “Gary Coleman” grill. This girl has known Andy nearly his entire life and she still thinks he’s cute. I love how nice she is to him and how enthusiastic she was about her hamburger this afternoon. Dan needs to watch his back – Andy had plates set with toasted buns, chips and a wild assortment of condiments. All Danny did was take a shower.

I made chicken noodle soup (Dan unleashed the whole chicken from its plastic bag to the pot for me – while I was out of the room – you know, poultry issues), bread AND brownies for dinner tonight. Go ahead, flip me a fish. I guess I could have made my own egg noodles, but I chose not to go that route. It was a pretty good meal – the bread was really good (that might have been the pound of butter I put on my slices, but …).

Andy and I went and picked up the first three fish for his new ten-gallon fish tank. I love the guy at the local aquarium store – he’s so patient and tolerant of stupid people. I’ll show you pictures when we add the neon fish on Monday or Tuesday. This has been such a fun project to work on with Andy over the past few weeks. We’ve learned so much. Andy’s goal is to make a success of the fresh water tank and start a monster salt water tank. I’m just going day-to-day.

Danny’s friend-that-is-a-girl gave me a quick lesson on knitting/crocheting with some round thingie. I managed to make Andy a pretty cool hat without crying. It was fun and kind of addicting. I”m starting to see where all the knitting moms and knitting blogs come from. It’s only a matter of time until I’m knitting car cozies. You know me and moderation and all of that . . .

Tim and Ian both got haircuts tonight. They both look about five years older, but very handsome. They both refused getting their pictures taken, of course. I’ll stalk them over the weekend and see if I can’t show you.

Finally, the picture of my new table/desk. Ahhh I love it. There’s nothing on the surface but the speakers (hidden behind the monitor), a lamp, a bowl of paperclips, thumbtacks and binder clips and a tiny pencil sharpener. Mike has the hardware to put the keyboard and mouse below the surface at a user-friendly height this weekend. Oh yea, and my mousepad with Chloe from 24 is glaring at me. It’s really clutter-free and fits into the room so much better than the stupid desk we used to have. The question is, can we stay organized and clutter free?

5 thoughts on “Way to scare the kids!

  1. It’s kind of laying on its side in the back of the kitchen. It was poorly made and started falling apart as soon as we started moving it. I’m thinking we’ll dismantle the whole thing and put it out with Monday’s trash.

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