WooHoo Steelers!

I like football, in moderation and only when my teams are playing. So, mostly I like Gator football and Steeler football. And, the Steelers were awesome tonight. I’m old, I grew up in the 70’s when the Steelers dominated professional football. I love seeing them do so well again! (Though, I really hope that poor guy from the Ravens is OK – that was a mean hit for both players.) Mike, in honor of the game, made a “snack” dinner. We had grilled pizzas, jalapeno quesadillo’s, two kinds of wings and some kind of funky dip on grilled French bread. What did I contribute to this feast? Nothing. I showed up and stuffed myself with the rest of the family. I DID do the dishes during the half-time show, if that’s any sort of saving grace. The SuperBowl should be fun this year!

Last night, Mike and I “went out” at 10:30! We just upped and abandoned our children. Honestly, it’s impossible to have a private conversation here any more. I miss when they were all little and in bed and asleep by 8 PM. But it was kind of fun to just leave. We took Mike’s truck – it has heated seats – crazy in Florida, but it was actually COLD last night and the seats were more than superfluous! Most of our time out was spent in the heated seats, just talking. We did head into our local “dive” and listen to the band and people watch too. Poor Mike, he’s just not a night person. He was so tired today. But, we were both glad to get a chance to talk through things without four people interrupting – one.at.a.time. I know this is exciting stuff. Try to keep your heads.

Saturday, I picked up some Dave Ramsey books and a book on knitting with a Christmas gift card. I’d love to hear your Dave Ramsey stories and/or how the heck you get beyond “casting” when knitting.

I’m still debating whether school will be in session tomorrow or not. I’m thinking “school lite” is the way we’ll go. I really need to plan our homeschool year a little better so that the days we’re taking off coincide with the days the kids’ friends are running loose. Math, Latin, Science and some writing should cover us tomorrow. Right? Though, I feel like I”m dooming the kids to fail if I skip something on my previously planned schedule. Cross your fingers. At the very least, if Danny tanks on the SAT in March, we have something on which to blame it.

4 thoughts on “WooHoo Steelers!

  1. On the knitting: the first row or 2 after casting on are the worst/most frustrating. Sometimes when I’m teaching someone to knit I’ll go ahead and knit those for them so they don’t freak out. Then they can sort of get the hang of things on the “easier” rows — rows that have a little more flexibility and “give” to them.I’m not saying that to scare you, just to let you know that the first bit after the cast on can be particularly icky and leave you thinking about setting fire to the entire thing BUT if you’ll persevere it will get easier.

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