Socks, Flowers, Yarn

That about sums it up, folks. Today, if I had had enough yarn and flowers to stuff the older boys heads full I would have been most happy. Don’t get me wrong, I like my teenagers … but when they’re obnoxious and stoopid, they really truly are obnoxious and stoopid. Andy, though he’s reached the advanced age of nine, remains my current favorite child. He’s funny. He thinks I’m funny. He cooked us hotdogs on his Gary Coleman grill for lunch. Any questions?

Socks, well. . . I don’t even know what to say. Everyone has their daily chores and among those chores are sweeping the floor. As you can see, we now have a sock under the desk and one on top of the coffee table. @@ I’m not even sure they’re a pair. And, now that I’ve started this, I cannot let it go and just pick up the damn socks. Consider yourself updated.

Flowers! Mike brought me flowers for Andy’s birthday. Isn’t that sweet and weird? He’s never done that for any of the other kids’ birthdays, but I”m going with it. Initially, I put the flowers in one of my jars. Andy reminded me about “Bing’s cool Christmas present” – doh! slap myself on the head. I got a Wonder Vase from my mom for Christmas. I’ve been dying to use it. Today we did – how cool is that? You can shape it any way you like and then it goes back to flat when you’re done and you can reshape it next time you have flowers.

sYarn … I have some now. I don’t want to mislead anyone … I haven’t completely quit smoking yet. I’m a baby – quitting scares me (go figure – lung cancer, heart disease, check, quitting smoking – oooooo scary!) I’m sure those of you who have never smoked are thinking “I’m reading a loon’s blog”. I’m thinking 2/15 as my official quit date. I need to work through the details of knitting and feel comfortable with them if I’m going to use this as my crutch. But … in that department … I’m making progress … lookee what I made tonight, sans nicotine or chopping off anyone’s head! And, I guess, in my best interest, it’s too freaking cold to go out and smoke tonight anyway. Baby steps being made, bear with me.

9 thoughts on “Socks, Flowers, Yarn

  1. OK, I love that Andy is cooking on his grill! I need that vase, I move a lot, and try to keep crap in the house to a minimum..Way to go, soon you will have a pot holder..

  2. You’re the best ever. You’ve posted not just a pic of a sock but a dirty sock. I was certain that I was the only one who’s kids massacred the bottoms of their socks. The knitting looks fabulous! Keep at it and keep at the quitting smoking! I’m proud of ya!

  3. I am glad I am not the only one who has a sock thing going on in the house.I just might start taking pics of my evidence and posting it on my blog.Feel for you,my Hubby is trying to quit right now.Don’t really know what is worse:quitting or living with the person who is quitting.

  4. I didn’t realize you smoked! Jeez, I’ll bet your allergies will even be less severe once you kick the habit; my brother’s did.

  5. Random side story:Was at a letterboxing even at Blue Spring Saturday. We usually have raffles. Someone brought soaps. The boxes looked familiar. I said “Where'd you get those?” She says “The Foil Hat,” and Jake & I laughed. I knew I recognized that soap!

  6. Good luck on quitting smoking. I know how hard it is. I did it 4-1/2 years ago. It wasn’t easy, nor was it my first time trying to quit, but I’m sure glad I did.

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