Hon, do you mind running to the library?

Ummm … if the “hon” you’re talking about is the teenaged boy who got his driver’s license yesterday afternoon, the answer will most definitely be, “Sure thing!” Yes, Danny is an official driver. Organ donor. (Talk about discussions to have with your kids BEFORE you’re standing there getting a driver’s license. I thought Danny understood the organ donor thing, but then he asked me (in front of God and everyone) “They wait until I”m dead, right?”) Registered voter (go figure this for me? He won’t be 18 until 2011 but he’ll be getting a voter’s card in the mail in the next 1-2 weeks!).

We went yesterday for Dan’s appointment. As we were walking in, Dan looked at me and said, “Where’s my birth certificate and social security card?” Ummm they were home safe and sound. Dan, “I need them!” Me, “Well, it works better if you mention this kind of stuff. I can’t read your mind.” I checked the clock and knew I had enough time to get home and back while Dan stood in the appointment line. And I did. Yay me.

We made it through the appointment line and met with a seriously bitchy young woman – beautiful, but bitchy (and I think I’d be bitchy if my job was to work in a windowless place where the bottom half of the walls were painted death-flesh peach and the top half of the walls were painted nasty-grandma-teeth cream). I had 8 years of car registration receipts, but not the 2009 receipt. Of course. I explained that I had the new sticker on the plates and I couldn’t get those without paying the registration. She gave me a glazed look and said “Ma’am, you have to have the registration receipt in the car.”

It’s the DMV – they wear you down and suck the very life out of you. l was not about to argue, she might be a bitch, but she didn’t make the rules. I asked when we could get a new appointment and if she could do that or did we have to go stand in line. She glared at me and asked from my driver’s license. She took my license and went into the recesses of the building. I was sure I was being issued a ticket. Poor Danny looked like he was going to cry. I know he thinks I do this stuff on purpose.

The girl came back. She grabbed my arm and leaned over the counter and said “I looked you up online. I’m not allowed to do that. You’re ok. Just don’t tell anyone.” Scooby Doo Hunhhhh? Bitchy girl does a REALLY nice thing for us. Within minutes, a road-test person calls Danny and he’s off. I waited a good 40 seconds and went out to the front of the building to watch my baby drive off with the driver guy! I’m such a goober. I was all weepy and ferklepmt as he backed out of our parking space. Wasn’t it about two days ago I was bribing Danny to stay in the wagon (while I grocery shopped) with animal crackers? The guy that gave Danny his test walked back in and told me “You’ve got a fine driver and a fine son.” Wahhhh!!! And, now, Danny has a license.

We had a wait a bit to get the actual license (and I snuck over to bitchy-girl’s line to thank her again while we waited). Dan and I were cracking up about the registration thing and he was accusing me of yet AGAIN sabotagging his efforts to get a license (check the archives). We reached Big Ol’ Blue, the suburban and here is what we found! See the picture above.

Thank God Danny has a huge sense of humor. Look at that tire!!! The two of us were just a heap of screaming laughing when we saw it. Has a kid ever had a mom thwart him on every single obstacle to getting his license like Dan? There is an auto supply place right next to the DMV. I walked over there to pick up a can of FIX A FLAT. By the time I’d returned, Danny had the car jacked up and was changing the tire. :::sniff::: He’s not my baby any more.

Tim was home with a fever and puking his guts out – and Andy and Ian would not be in the same room with him (yes, we are a loving family), so Danny drove me home and I went back to taking Tim’s temperature, my laundry and finishing Andy’s school day and I *gasp* sent Dan on his first official errands. He returned the FIX A FLAT and then headed to the grocery store for Ginger Ale, Saltines and some Gator Ade. And he came home, NOT dead and with change. While it feels right that he’s driving, I have to say this is the strangest feeling I’ve had as a mom to date. WEIRD. WEIRD. WEIRD.

Today, Dan went to the library – alone – in my car. Wah. The rest of us are just sitting in the house waiting to figure out if Tim is contagious. Tim NEVER gets sick, so I’m pretty sure the week is not going to end well.

8 thoughts on “Hon, do you mind running to the library?

  1. Wow, you do go out of your way to thwart that kid, don’t you? I’m glad it all turned out OK in the end and that Danny is proving to be such a responsible driver. Kudos to Bitchy Girl for doing a good deed for a boy in need.

  2. I had a very hard time with the whole license thing when Matt got his. Until the first time I was cooking dinner and looked in the cabinet for something and found it wasn’t there. I sent him to the store. I don’t drink coffee, but if I did, this line “the bottom half of the walls were painted death-flesh peach and the top half of the walls were painted nasty-grandma-teeth cream” would have made me spit it all over my monitor.

  3. Hurray for Dan! My condolences to you, Amy . . . well . . . maybe it is hurray for you too. I keep having dreams of the day when Baby Boy can carry himself to all those places he seems to have to go when I have a headache or sinus infection. We’ll see.

  4. Congratulations Dan!I was so glad when my boys learned how to drive and could run to the store for me. I hope the rest of you stay well.LOL My word verification word is “reguzzle” re guzzle? Can anyone explain that to me? Is it anything close to regurgitate? LMAO

  5. “Not dead and with change” – what more could you ask for?Congratulations on raising a son who is responsible enough to be issued a driver’s license! Today’s word: cowboxic. I’m trying to decide if it’s good (Wow, that’s totally cowboxic, dude.), or bad (Honey, smell this milk. Does it smell cowboxic to you?).

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