I have some soap. Not a lot. Remember, I am no longer a store. I think what I’ll do is offer a soap package once every 4-6 weeks. You can buy it or not, but it’s not negotiable. I wish I could be more flexible, but that is what killed me when I had a “real” website. Once I get a little more organized, I’ll try to offer pre-buys and if you want x amount of a certain soap, you can buy that. For now, you are stuck with my limited capabilities.

Before we start, I must be clear that the soaps I’m offering are made with lard. I know there are readers who are not fans of lard. When I was a real business, I did not use lard. For those of you who are curious, lard is from pigs. It also makes fabulous, long-lasting soap. Really long lasting. Ethic issues aside, here we go.

I have 5 sets of four soaps up: 1 each of – Apple Jack and Peel, Clean Cotton, Bay Rum and Frosted Snow Drop. All very mellow and my family of men seems to like all of the scents equally. You can get all four soaps for $25, shipping included. Paypal is my favorite way to go ( but, if you prefer check or m/o just email me ( and I will work with you.

I’ll put a new set of soaps up mid-February. Most likely it’ll be an eclectic group of soaps – think floral, herbal and funky.

4 thoughts on “SOAP!

  1. I’m still good with soap from my Christmas order. BTW All the family I gave soaps too are LOVING them 🙂 My sister with the itchy, skinned hubby is especially pleased.But I’ll watch for future packages 🙂 I like the idea of a soap “subscription” that would poke me out of my favorites for awhile.

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