Working out the weirdness!

Mike and I were pathetic this late afternoon/early evening. It’s been years and years and years since this has happened. Surprisingly, Mike was much more freaked out about Danny driving all of our children around than I was – no small feat. When they all arrived home intact and starving, Mike and I took a moment to meet in the kitchen. I’m thinking after all of these years we might finally have a “date” night. All the kids will be gone on Thursdays and we can go eat good food. We can stay home and eat good food. Hell, we can sit in the front yard and eat Cheetoh’s. This is a milestone people. A weird milestone, but dammit we own it. Aside from napping and “napping-wink-wink” what would you all do with three hours of totally kid free time?

7 thoughts on “Working out the weirdness!

  1. WOW, 3 hours! You can do a lot. First on my list would be to move.. Far,far away. If that is to expensive change the locks, then stand on the other side of the door laughing when they all try to get back in. If that doesn’t sound like fun, maybe go have Indian food…

  2. Sadly, I’d go work out at the Y because we could finally go without having to go through PL’s routine there: check on raquetball court status, check on climbing wall status, search for exercise machines that are together and don’t have people on either side of them, roam past weight machines but decide that too many people are using them at the moment, and finally determine density of pool population. Strangely, the pool is never too populated.

  3. Well I’ve got boring stuff and fun stuff. We’re still in the “can’t watch that movie with the kids” age so Movies are tops. I’d love to go to the Sushi place.Boring we’d pay bills, paint the hallway, rip out carpet. House jobs that if our boys were teens they’s be useful but since they are still small..not so much with the useful.Honestly the first few times of “free” time we’d probably just sit in a state of don’t know what to do with ourselves!!

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