How FUN was that!

Go Steelers – what an exciting game! Things got a little tricky during the second quarter – that’s when I relinquished control of my Terrible Towel to my very favorite neighbor girl. The Steelers owe this girl – she saved them!

We had a great time here. Three other families joined us and there were teenagers and food everywhere. We’ve been hosting little parties here forever, but I have to say, tonight was the BEST food we’ve ever had. Ever. I’m thinking it’s because the Super Bowl is officially an “eating holiday” and, man, did we do it right.

What did we eat while watching the Steelers dominate, you ask? Mike did a brisket (slow and low) today with bbq sauce. Amazing. He even baked the most amazing wee tiny rolls to go with it. I love this, you can eat five sandwiches and it doesn’t even count as one whole sandwich. Next up, pepper quesadilas – pablano chilis, jalapenos, parsley, spices, a touch of cream cheese and some monterey jack cheese between two crispy flour tortillas – perfect! Go to your left and you’ll find the Buffalo Dip – cream cheese, mozzarella, Frank’s hot sauce, blue cheese in a mini crock-pot. This stuff makes even celery taste good – and I think we all agree celery is nasty stuff.

Keep moving, people are piling up behind you. Next up, Lazy Pierogies – lasagna noodles layered with mashed potatoes, cheese, carmelized onions and sprinkled with a bit of bacon. Good stuff. Next up, you hit the shrimp cocktail – I know, can you believe it? Figure out how many you can take without being a pig and keep moving. Oooo what’s this? Wings? – Duane’s delicious wings! with a chaser of avocado dip/chips/queso/sausage queso. Mmmmm …

Move to the other side of the kitchen. Did I mention the hot pretzels, the Texas caviar (which I just polished off) or the s’mores? How many families do you know that work so hard to be heart-healthy? We do not eat like this but once or twice a year. Tomorrow is all about beans and rice and maybe some cholesterol meds. If you weren’t here, I’m sorry. You missed out. Really. And, I’m in the middle of finishing the few leftovers, so sign up for next year’s party early.

My favorite part of the night – aside from the Steelers – was the race for 3D glasses at the end of the second quarter. Is that the greatest picture or what?

5 thoughts on “How FUN was that!

  1. I sat at home eating a package of sushi from publix (California rolls) by myself. I didn’t eat the whole package but I didn’t have to share either. The leftovers were there for me today.

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