Calling all quitters …

Talk me down. I have my quit date set at 2/15/09. But the closer it gets, the closer I come to flipping out entirely. Technically, I can knit and I’m happy to just knit and purl at random – I can’t actually make anything, but I just need for my hands to be busy so it’s good.

But, the closer I come to NO cigarettes, the closer I come to shrieking and never stopping. I want to quit. I really think this IS my date do quit, but it’s scary (those of you who have never smoked need not respond to the scary part – it’s as crazy as it sounds, but it’s real) . . . Just tell me I can do this. I can, right? I have done lots of things that “look” way harder on paper. This is just one more thing.

I have our BIG calendar marked with a bunch of stars on 2/15. The boys were asking what the stars meant. I told them that life as they knew it was going to change. I think that was fair warning, right? It’s a little early to explain foster care to them, right?

Other news, I got to visit with my friend, Kate, yesterday. It’s been forever since I’ve seen her and yesterday was dreary and rainy and cold and just the best day to visit. The boys always have a great time and I love how the older boys have always included Andy. Kate and I had a chance to catch up a bit while Kate fed the masses. LOL She even fed me and I’m so sorry I didn’t have seconds. The boys got chicken nuggets and hash browns, delicious in their own right. BUT … Kate and I had homemade clam chowder … wahhh … I want more. It was perfectly buttery, potatoe-y and delicious.

Leaving Kate’s we opted to invade my parents house. Sure, they’d only been home less than 24 hours. But we were all so happy to see my parents and I think they were happy too. And, dammit, if Bud (the goldfish) hadn’t totally perked up!Talk about a fish crying wolf! We visited long enough to eat most of what was in their house and then we moved on to tae kwon do. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure my mom and dad sent Bud, the goldfish, out to pick up take out for dinner.

I’m onto you, Bud! (can you see my angry eyes?)

11 thoughts on “Calling all quitters …

  1. I’ll be cheering you on. I’m not a quitter, yet, but maybe you’ll inspire me!I’m listening to my Stop Smoking the Easy Way book, but I will only listen to one chapter at a time, stretching it out as long as I can. I’m on chapter 3. lol I only made it to chapter 2 reading, so I figure I’m a step ahead.I really wish you great luck! You can do it. Go, go, go!It IS scary, I completely understand that!

  2. I get it, too.You are looking at the rest of your life WITHOUT something.Try looking at it this way, though. You’re looking at the rest of your life FREE of smoking.You *can* do this.

  3. I believe completely that your will power is strong enough. If you need proof back up a post and look at the sock. Any woman who can withstand the seige of a sock can put her mind to being a quitter!

  4. You can do it! (Say it to yourself with an accent, like you’re in an Adam Sandler movie.) I’ll be thinking of you, my husband’s quitting, too. OMG, these words are killing me…. Today’s is “howpaine” – obviously a reference to withdrawal symptoms.

  5. I’m glad Bug is all perked up. I guess he just missed his Mommy. I’ve never smoked, but I nursed Mom #2 through out of a mean 2 pack a day habit about 5 (or 10 or whenever) years ago. You can come cry on my shoulder when you need to.My strategy is to just keep the future-non-smoker busy talking about lots of other stuff besides not smoking and keeping her plenty of company so she doesn’t have the opportunity to run off and sneak a cigarette by herself. Of course, now we have nothing left to talk about . . . but her fresh breath and smoke free clothes are all worth it! 😉

  6. I have to second “The Easy way” book. I used these to help me quit in December and I am still smoke free. You can do it – all without killing your children while trying to school.You will be amazed how many more books you can afford to buy when you quit 😉

  7. Amy – you know that I know how hard it is. But I am soooooo glad I finally quit. You will be too. One day/hour at a time. I know how stubborn you are – you can do it. Love You, Mom

  8. You all are so awesome. Ami, I like the idea of looking at it like I”m “free” of something. I did pick up the Stop Smoking the Easy Way book. I hope he’s right – it sure sounds do-able. I’m sitting here now smoking up a storm – because I only have a few days left. It’ll be fine, right? I won’t be a crazy person? I won’t end up weighing 400 lbs? I can do this.

  9. Amy good luck! Be prepared to go through a mourning period. I quit 4 years ago. I never ever thought I could quit and I really wished I didn’t have to.Funny, I never knew you smoked, of course, you are one of my “imaginary” friends. (dh’s term for my computer friendships)But I do know it can be done.The foster home line made me laugh. Boy can my family relate.As it turned out, smoking WAS my coping skill and I had nothing else. Had to learn some fast.I’ll be rooting for you.

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