This is weird!

Dan, Tim and Ian went to a church festival tonight – in my car, without me. They will be home at 11. Mike and Andy and I are all out of sorts. What do you do when the three wrestling, loud, starving boys are not home? I am still stunned that I’m at this point of my life! When I think about the things I used to stress about – what they ate, potty training, sleep habits, will they ever pick up a book just to read, what if they’re weird? (they are and it’s ok) And, now here we are. Not that the stuff I just listed doesn’t matter; it just doesn’t matter NEARLY as much as I thought it did.
Talk amongst yourselves – I have pacing to do.

4 thoughts on “This is weird!

  1. LOL Obimom – yes, in many ways this IS weirder.Sabrina, tell your dad to do lots of stretching – I think the feet on the glove box technique is key to teaching them how to drive.Mom #1 – muhahahaha – it’s weird, but it’s good. We’re into week three and I’m kind of digging not leaving my house – ever.sympy – that’s my code word to make this comment. I think I like it.

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